May 2, 2023

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ChurnZero earns 2023 APPEALIE SaaS Awards for its Customer Success platform and CX team


Washington, D.C. — May 2, 2023 — ChurnZero, the platform and partner for Customer Success, has earned three 2023 APPEALIE SaaS Awards for its Customer Success platform and its dedicated CX team. ChurnZero was named an Overall SaaS Award winner in both the Enterprise and Small Business + Mid-Market categories, and a SaaS Customer Success Award winner for the outstanding work of its CX team, who coach and consult with ChurnZero customers to increase their impact, work more effectively, and drive more revenue for their organizations.

“The ChurnZero team are honored to earn the APPEALIE Best Overall SaaS Award and the APPEALIE Customer Success Award for 2023,” says You Mon Tsang, CEO and co-founder, ChurnZero. “This year, customer retention and customer-led growth are the top priorities for every subscription business, and Customer Success teams around the world are making it happen. We’re proud to provide not just the innovative tools and technology they depend upon, but also our partnership, expertise, and support in delivering remarkable results.”

Celebrating the very best in software, the APPEALIE SaaS Awards recognize SaaS platforms for their demonstrated excellence and customer outcomes. Overall SaaS Award winners are selected based on criteria including recent product improvements, Net Promoter Scores (NPS), user experience and user interface, and third-party analyst research. ChurnZero’s Customer Success platform, which helps leading CS teams retain and grow accounts, and drive recurring revenue at scale, has earned the APPEALIE Overall SaaS Award every year since 2017.

ChurnZero has launched several well-received product enhancements within the last year, including:

Renewal and Forecast Hub: a toolkit within ChurnZero enabling Customer Success teams to confidently track, forecast and take ownership of account growth and recurring revenue.

ChurnZero-Northpass integration: a partnership with leading digital customer education platform Northpass that enables Customer Success teams to seamlessly manage and own customer education.

Customer Success AI™: the first generative artificial intelligence built into a Customer Success platform to ideate and create customer engagements, content, and strategy ideas on demand.

To find out more about ChurnZero’s innovative Customer Success platform, visit ChurnZero.


About ChurnZero

ChurnZero is the platform and partner for Customer Success, dedicated to helping subscription businesses grow and succeed at scale.

ChurnZero’s Customer Success software provides automation, in-app communication, health scoring, actionable reporting, revenue forecasting, and Customer Success AI™ to help Customer Success teams work efficiently, deliver greater customer value, and drive more revenue.

The ChurnZero team prides itself on being a top-rated partner, consultant, and coach to Customer Success teams worldwide who use ChurnZero to increase and scale their impact.

Founded in 2015, ChurnZero is a remote-first company with headquarters in Washington, D.C., and an office in Amsterdam.



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