Dec 15, 2022

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ChurnZero announces 2022 ChurnHero Awards winners


Third annual ChurnHero Awards celebrate Customer Success teams who use ChurnZero to exemplify and evolve CS best practices with remarkable results. 

Washington, Dec 15, 2022ChurnZero, the leading Customer Success platform and partner, has recognized five remarkable Customer Success (CS) teams with 2022 ChurnHero Awards. For the third year running, the ChurnHero Awards celebrate CS teams who use ChurnZero’s platform to deliver outstanding business results, exemplifying the power of CS as a revenue-driving growth engine for SaaS and subscription businesses.  

This year’s awards recognize ChurnHeroes across five categories, each representing a fundamental business goal of CS teams: onboarding, adoption, renewals and expansion, customer advocacy, and innovation. Entrants submitted a case study of their work to be carefully assessed by a ChurnZero panel led by Chief Customer Officer Alli Tiscornia. Entries were judged not just on their results, but on criteria including innovation, customer-centricity, and data-driven decision making.   

“As a dedicated partner to Customer Success teams worldwide, we’re always excited to celebrate their wins—and yet, there’s more to the ChurnHero Awards than results alone,” said Alli Tiscornia, Chief Customer Officer, ChurnZero. “Customer Success is a new and evolving business discipline with best practices that are still forming. ChurnHero Awards recognize teams who exemplify and build on current best practices in ways that other CS teams should pay attention to. We’re proud to power their accomplishments with our platform, and to be a part of their success.”  

This year’s ChurnHero categories and winners are:  

  • Onboarding Hero: Transforming onboarding processes into effective, value-based workflows.  

Winner: ClearGov, a budget and performance management software company serving local governments, reduced average onboarding time by 26% by overhauling its onboarding process with ChurnZero, earning a post-onboarding customer satisfaction rating of 100%. 

  • Adoption Hero: Increasing product adoption and customer ROI with thoughtful approaches.  

Winner: Cision, a comprehensive communications platform for public relations and marketing professionals, increased product adoption through a combination of usage measurement, customer segmentation, and a carefully designed play called “Success Tips” that uses conditional logic to target and engage customers with product and feature tips.   

  • Renewal/Expansion Hero: Boosting account renewals and expansions using data and automation.  

Winner: Skykit, a comprehensive workplace experience solutions company, used ChurnZero to identify a segment of at-risk customers based on NPS survey data, license utilization, support tickets, and billing type, then engaged them with a follow-up playbook that mitigated churn risks, uncovered expansion opportunities, and increased the segment’s NRR to 124%. 

  • Advocacy Hero: Cultivating customer advocates and brand evangelists to drive growth. 

Winner: Cority, an enterprise EHS and ESG software provider, overhauled their customer satisfaction and feedback tracking with evergreen NPS campaigns incorporating non-profit gifting incentives, generating a 430% participation increase over their previous ten-year average, and a 27-point year-over-year NPS increase. 

  • Innovation Hero: Using ChurnZero’s platform creatively to better support customers.  

Winner: Boulevard, a scheduling, management and client experience platform for appointment-based self-care businesses, partnered with ChurnZero to automate and integrate their workflows, address adoption issues early, promote feature releases, and successfully scale their team to cover 100% of accounts with a direct impact on average customer revenue.  

Read more about the winners of the 2022 ChurnHero Awards here. 

About ChurnZero

ChurnZero is the platform and partner for Customer Success, dedicated to helping subscription businesses grow and succeed at scale.

ChurnZero’s Customer Success software provides automation, in-app communication, health scoring, actionable reporting, revenue forecasting, and Customer Success AI™ to help Customer Success teams work efficiently, deliver greater customer value, and drive more revenue.

The ChurnZero team prides itself on being a top-rated partner, consultant, and coach to Customer Success teams worldwide who use ChurnZero to increase and scale their impact.

Founded in 2015, ChurnZero is a remote-first company with headquarters in Washington, D.C., and an office in Amsterdam.


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