Customer Onboarding Made Easy

SaaS onboarding makes or breaks your customer retention. It’s a learn-or-churn, adopt-or-get-dropped user experience. When it comes to a Customer Success team, nailing your onboarding process is a must. This is particularly important for organizations with a long or complex onboarding process.

Looking to crack the code to create an optimal onboarding experience? Read on and learn how to get your customers to embrace your product, ideas for automating common onboarding activities, and how to position your customers for long-term success.

Resources to help jumpstart onboarding success

Track The Onboarding Journey

View the status of customer onboarding milestones, requirements, implementation, configuration, and training with clear timelines and progress tracking

Guide Your Customers With TalkThroughs

Guide your customers to success using ChurnZero’s in-app guidance as they progress and move forward in their customer onboarding journey.

Stay Informed on Progress

Congratulate customers on onboarding achievements using in-app messages and set real-time alerts to step in and help when customers are falling behind.

Automate Client Relationships

Proactively engage customers with the ideal content at the right time in each stage of onboarding with automated emails, ChurnZero plays, and in-app messages.

Onboarding Resources for Customer Success
Check out these relevant resources from Fighting Churn, the Customer Success blog with ideas and inspiration on retaining customers, and around the web.

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