Customer success organizational alignment

Customer success team organizational alignment


Each year, we look at the organizational alignment of CS teams, which includes organizational charters, the ownership of renewal and expansion activities, and interdepartmental collaboration.


Key findings

Charters are shifting, with renewals becoming more important than engagement.

CS teams owning the renewal process continues to trend downward, with dedicated renewal teams picking up the difference.

  • 48% of CS teams own the renewal process while 57% of CS teams get compensated for renewals.

CS teams owning expansions remains steady.

  • 43% of CS teams own expansions while 61% of CS teams get compensated on expansions.

77% of CS teams meet with customers face-to-face during the year.

Collaboration with other departments continues to decrease year over year.

Featured charts

Who owns the renewal process (2020 - 2023)

Who owns expansions (2020 - 2023)

Which teams are compensated for renewals (select all that apply)

Which teams are compensated for expansions (select all that apply)

How frequently do CSMs meet with customers in person (2023)

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About the Customer Success Leadership Study

Started in 2020, the Customer Success Leadership Study is the definitive report of the CS industry. This year, the report was brought to you by ChurnZero, ESG, SaaStr, and HubSpot. The study captures the insights of more than 1,200 CS leaders around the world, with details about CS budgets, team sizes, tech stack, AI usage, decision-making, renewal and expansion ownership, compensation, measurement, and collaboration. ChurnZero and ESG conducted the survey between May 23, 2023, and July 15, 2023. The survey was emailed to our respective databases of customer success professionals. It was promoted across social media and industry newsletters. All responses are voluntary, and all data is self-reported by participants.

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