Oct 13, 2020

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Top 10 Customer Success Takeaways from BIG RYG 2020


Customer Success Conference

Don’t know about all of you, but we are still on a conference high from an amazing first ever BIG RYG virtual conference last week. If you attended, than you know how jam packed our lineup was. Featuring speakers from the likes of G2, Mailchimp, and Pendo, we tackled some of the most pressing issues in Customer Success today. 

We are excited to share that the recordings are now available ungated and on-demand here

To serve as a recap, we have created this roundup of our top ten Customer Success takeaways from the conference. 


1.) Customer satisfaction will be top driver for company valuation 

Looking to raise your valuation? @G2dotcom CEO @godardabel predicts, ” #customersuccess (as measured by satisfaction) will be the MOST predictive indicator used by private & public investors to value business.” #BIGRYG pic.twitter.com/OVAaaHRPo1

— ChurnZero (@churnzero) October 8, 2020

2.) 6 steps to improve your Customer Success processes

How to go from vision to measurements from @macaluso_megan, CS & Ops VP @ESGsuccess

1. Define vision
2. Create hypothesis
3. Agree to expected outcomes
4. List critical success factors
5. Identify assumptions
6. Define next steps #BIGRYG

— ChurnZero (@churnzero) October 8, 2020

3.) Customer Success Ops benefits from both a top-down and bottom-up perspective 

#customersuccess thrives on understanding multiple perspectives.

@QuorumAnalytics VP Andrew Shoaff giving us an executive POV on CS Ops while Manager Lea Boreland takes us bottom up with an operator POV #BIGRYG

— ChurnZero (@churnzero) October 8, 2020

4.) Customer Success leaders don’t be so hard on yourself, this is your first global pandemic

How to manage teams remotely with #customersucess VP @WALopez20 @Phone2Action

Be vulnerable with your employees. Ask them what they need & how can you best support them, but don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s all brand new for all of us. #BIGRYG

— ChurnZero (@churnzero) October 8, 2020

5.) Having one main POC is not a strong account

One main point of contact is NOT a strong account @DocSend #customersuccess VP Kate Gollogly drawing organizational maps to uncover hidden points of contact within an organization #BIGRYG pic.twitter.com/NnByM9mRfk

— ChurnZero (@churnzero) October 8, 2020

6.) When CS teams have their heads down on their own tasks it’s hard to connect with others to convey needs and urgency on cross-department projects

As companies scale, depts silo themselves to maintain speed, but this means conveying need & urgency from one to another is a huge struggle bc they’re not speaking the same language

@Mailchimp #customersuccess & product teams

Raise your hand if you can relate! 🙋‍♀️ #BIGRYG

— ChurnZero (@churnzero) October 8, 2020

7.) When looking to purchase technology get cross-department allies

Trying to get executive buy-in on a large tech investment? Prove its value by getting outside departments involved. It’s more than likely everyone can benefit.

#customersuccess Director @matts @CallRail on secrets to scaling CS #BIGRYG

— ChurnZero (@churnzero) October 8, 2020

8.) Customer Success needs to bring data to the table

Tell your stories with data. Data, facts, & reports are the meat, while anecdotes & stories are the salt & pepper. You can’t have a meal with just salt & pepper. @AnnaTalerico @arthurventures dishing out the truth #BIGRYG pic.twitter.com/d1zB6D5k7u

— ChurnZero (@churnzero) October 8, 2020

9.) Give customers expanded options when asking them questions

Question structures matter. Offering customers expanded options vs. only a yes/no binary can be make or break. With expanded options, customers are more likely to accept trade-offs.

Loving this easily applicable advice from @vyopta VP @drourke #BIGRYG pic.twitter.com/7kMIDLIP78

— ChurnZero (@churnzero) October 8, 2020

10.) 3 key lessons learned in scaling your Customer Success team

#customersuccess team @definitiveHC sharing the key takeaways from their growth experience #BIGRYG

1. Change is the only constant
2. Transparency is key
3. Expect to fail

— ChurnZero (@churnzero) October 8, 2020

These are just a few of the takeaways from the conference, there are so many more valuable lessons and best practices to be gleaned from the sessions, which lucky for you, you can view them all on-demand here at your own convenience. 

View On-Demand

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