Mar 30, 2018

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Spring Cleaning Customer Success Checklist


It’s officially Spring (whether it feels like it or not where you live). Spring cleaning is a great tradition. It’s a chance to declutter, refresh and refocus. So, why not apply the same energy you put into cleaning out your house to cleaning up your Customer Success strategy?

Below, we’ve outlined five major checkpoints for your Customer Success spring cleaning that will set you up for success and help you gain momentum moving into Q2 and forward for the rest of the year.

Contact Cleanup

Now is the perfect time to put some time in cleaning up your contact lists for your book of accounts. Start by marking those contacts as inactive who are no longer with the organization. Nothing is worst then needing to get in contact with someone and receiving an automated bounce-back. Next spend some time updating job titles to reflect promotions and department transfers. And lastly, check-in with your point-of-contact (POC) to see if there’s been any new hires that you should know about. If so, add them to the system and send over a quick introduction.

Tend to Wilting Renewals

Spring marks the beginning of Q2. That means you should start things off by taking a look at all your accounts that are up for renewal during this time period (April – June). You should then identify those who have a medium or high risk of churning. These folks are the ones you will need to focus on. You’ll want to group them together in a hot list, so you can track your engagements and progress with this segment. The goal is to take these customers whose health scores are in the red or yellow and turn them to green (i.e. secure the renewal).

Automation Audit

Workflows are like a car or anything else that requires upkeep and maintenance from time to time. Have you launched or sunset certain products since you first created your automated workflows? If so, you’ll want to be sure to update where necessary. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget about automated activities and communications because they are just running in the background, but you need to bring them out in the light of day every so often and dust them off for a proper audit to make sure your customer experience is what it should be.

Tidy Up Tasks

Task activity reminders are a useful function, only if you keep them organized and up to date. Take this time to go through your overdue tasks and check off those items that have actually been completed or are no longer applicable. Also, instead of just deleting completed our outdated tasks, mark them as complete and move them to an archive to save a record of all your customer engagements. The same goes for messages you have marked in your inbox to denote an action item. Go through your flagged emails to make sure there aren’t any tasks that might have slipped through the cracks. You’ll feel a lot better after you’ve stopped sweeping these under the rug and gotten rid of all those red status symbols.

Power User Recognition

Spring is all about blossoming and growth. Use this opportunity to give your budding power users some kudos for their hard work. If you celebrate successes along the way in the customer’s journey that will help inspire them to keep going and take on even bigger tasks and projects they might not have given a chance before. By championing these folks toward continued success, you can use them as an example to inspire other customers along as well.

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