Sep 10, 2019

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How to Proactively Engage Clients and Automate Your High Touch Service – A Success Story


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MineralTree is a payment platform that helps thousands of business automate their invoice-to-pay process. By cutting out manual tasks and authorizations, the MineralTree platform streamlines the Accounts Payable (AP) needs of financial professionals around the world. 


The Challenges  

As a result of their Customer Success team’s rapid growth, the MineralTree  team lacked effective automation. They sought the ability to both monitor and influence their customer’s health. While once sufficient, existing  marketing automation and CRM tools no longer met the needs of their CS team.  

The MineralTree Customer Success team faced several distinct challenges: 

  1. They were without a platform to identify accounts that needed extra attention. Furthermore, they lacked the ability to make use of these insights and directly influence a customer’s health scores.
  2. A lack of a centralized workspace increased the chances that client tasks could slip through the cracks. Providing a ‘home base’ was a must for the growing team.
  3. Because the team did not always have a clear view into new client progress, outreach was sometimes felt more reactive than proactive. Eliminating manual and repetitive tasks was essential. 

Meeting MineralTree’s Goals  

MineralTree took four steps to add efficiency and meet the goals of their growing CS function: 

Leverage Health Scoring 

  • Creating and using customer health scores allowed the team to access in-depth customer health insights. These enabled the team to take a proactive approach to account management. Best of all this information is now available at a glance – via dedicated dashboards, Salesforce or even Slack. 

Segmented Customer Types 

  • Effortlessly organizing their customers was key to enabling effective account management. Whether dividing accounts based upon their engagement or position in the customer journey, the team is better equipped to recognize trends. 

Automate Previously Manual Tasks 

  • The team has reduced the manual day-to-day tasks and communications that had once filled their days.  This allows the team to focus on what matters most – providing an exceptional customer experience. 

Provide a Centralized CS Workspace 

  • The team found a home in a dedicated Customer Success Workspace. Real-time dashboards and usage reporting provide a powerful home for both CSMs and company leadership. 

The Impact 

In just a few months MineralTree’s team realized significant results. Their adoption of a dedicated Customer Success platform has not only streamlined internal processes, but has elevated their entire customer experience: 

  • MineralTree has increased efficiency through the use of automated communications, known as ‘Plays’. This enables the team to deliver high-touch service across all of their accounts, without the need to significantly grow their headcount 
  • Their CS team has found a home in their ‘Customer Success Workplace.’ CSMs can effortless track new client progress across their entire customer lifecycle – all in real time. 
  • Client communications have been both automated and optimized. Better account organization allows the team to marshal their efforts towards the right customer sets or user personas. 

Don’t just take it from us – whether your CS team is new or well-established, consider the gains that a Customer Success platform can provide for your organization.

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Curious to learn more about how MineralTree increased efficiencies and elevated their customer experience? Read the complete case study here. 


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