Jan 11, 2023

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Supercharge your success with ChurnZero’s new Customer Success AI™


No matter what your role in Customer Success, creating and ideating on new content, strategies and engagements is key to the customer relationships you build and the results you drive.

This essential aspect of your job can also be one of its most time-consuming. That’s why, today, ChurnZero launched Customer Success AI, an incredible way to supercharge your customer communications and develop impactful new approaches to the work you do.

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Generate content on demand

ChurnZero’s Customer Success AI uses generative AI to create content for Customer Success teams on demand. Just ask Customer Success AI for a new cadence of emails, a call script, or a list of strategy ideas. Within seconds, you’ll get a first draft to refine, customize and use.


CS AI directly tackles the universal CS challenges of content creation and strategy ideation. Starting today, you can ask ChurnZero AI to create you a new cadence of emails, a list of strategic or tactical ideas, or maybe a call script designed for a specific customer escalation. The possibilities are endless (and we’re looking forward to seeing how CS teams use it) but include:

  • Create day-to-day customer communications and engagements for CSMs and team leaders.
  • Devise flexible templates and new approaches to challenging scenarios.
  • Develop outcome-driven customer programs and playbooks for CS leaders and Ops.

How to access

ChurnZero customers will find CS AI in ChurnZero’s new Labs icon—a place for experimental features that you can test and put to work while our product team keeps making refinements. Once you’re there, start by using the chat field to tell ChurnZero what you need. Be specific and include details. Then, hit “Generate” and watch your first draft appear in seconds.

Now to review and refine it. Customer Success AI isn’t designed to be perfect every time; it’s there to get you started with fresh content and ideas. You’ll need to assess how well your new content delivers, then adjust.

For example, you can to tell CS AI to make the content shorter, or more detailed, or friendlier, or more formal, or even to provide a translation. We’ve included a box of refinement suggestions to get you started.

Customer Success AI Example

Of course, if you’re happy with what you see, or you prefer to edit your content in an email template or a Word document, just copy and paste it wherever it needs to go.

We can’t wait to see what you create with Customer Success AI, and we’re looking forward to you sharing your most innovative uses for it.

Find out more about CS AI and ChurnZero

If you’re a ChurnZero customer, look out for updates and news from your CSM, in your app, and in the ChurnZero Community.

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