Jan 7, 2020

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CS Platform Increases Team Efficiencies and Optimizes Trial-to-Paid User Conversions – A Success Story



RFP360 was founded to help customers develop strategic RFP processes that deliver results. As the only full-circle RFP management solution for issuers and responders, the platform simplifies the proposal process for businesses around the world. The company’s innovative technology and procurement expertise help organizations cut their project response time in half. RFP360 enables users to create twice the opportunities while boosting their business’s RFP win rate. 


The Challenges  

As a result of their rapid growth, the RFP360 Customer Success team faced several challenges. They struggled to: 

  1. Maintain a pulse on their customer portfolio. The team lacked a logical, centralized workspace for their day to day activities.
  2. Scale their processes. The need to manually search for specific customer metrics meant the team was reactive rather than proactive.
  3. Identify accounts in need. The team lacked a way to assign health scores or predict a customer’s likelihood to churn.
  4. Deliver the right touchpoints at the ideal times. Automating the customer journey and other important communications was a must.
  5. Understand their most important prospects – trial users – and monitor their use of the product. 

Meeting RFP360’s Goals  

RFP360 took several steps to increase their productivity and meet the demands of a growing customer base: 

  • Automate Repetitive Activities – The automation of manual, repetitive activities has improved scalability. Automation allows for smaller accounts to receive the high-touch experience typically reserved for larger customers.  
  • Centralize Customer Success Efforts – Actionable customer information is never more than a few clicks away. This data is presented in an easy-to-understand format with intuitive UI and reporting. 
  • Increase Trial User ConversionThe ability to unlock rich usage data has allowed the team to monitor how trial users engage their product. This has allowed for the optimization of their trial subscriptions program. 
  • Become More Proactive in Account ManagementThe implementation of real-time heath metrics has allowed the team to gauge a customer’s likelihood to churn or renew.  

The Impact 

In less than a year, the RFP360 team has realized considerable results. A dedicated Customer Success platform has not only increased scalability but has enhanced the firm’s entire customer experience. 

  • Automation has enabled RFP360’s Customer Success Consultants to be more efficient. It has allowed the team to scale to 500+ accounts without the need for additional headcount
  • Aggregated customer reporting allows for ease in tracking behavioral trends, flagging at-risk accounts and guiding customers towards success. The team has better oversight into user activities and trends. 
  • Access to usage insights have optimized the trial subscription process. RFP360 can better understand trial user behavior and optimize their conversion into paid accounts.   
  • Customer Success Consultants are no longer left to rely upon gut instincts. The centralization and contextualization of their CS data have allowed for more productive customer conversations that drive upsells and renewals. 

If you want to understand how your customers use your product, how to increase user adoption and how to assess customer health, consider the gains that a Customer Success platform can provide. 

Curious to learn more about RFP360’s Customer Success transformation? Read the complete success story here


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