Mar 6, 2019

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ChurnZero Becomes One of the First Custom-Built Integrations on Segment


ChurZero, Customer Success Solution, Segment Integration
ChurnZero Now Live in Segment Integrations Catalog


Segment has just announced the launch of their new Developer Center, where developers can build and publish their integrations in a matter of weeks.

ChurnZero is proud to now be a part of the Segment Integrations Catalog as a Customer Success partner. You can check out the ChurnZero + Segment Integration here.

What Does This Integration Mean to Me?

If you are a Segment customer, you know how easy it is to get new integrations up and running. ChurnZero + Segment is the same – simply add a Destination for ChurnZero within Segment with the flip of a switch. No need to touch any code at all. 

The integration is built for Customer Success, Account Management, and Customer Marketing teams. Easily sync over your Contact/Account Event and Attribute data into your ChurnZero platform. This integration will allow you to understand how your customers use your product, asses their health, map and track customer journeys, and give you the means to personalize the customer touchpoints. 


How ChurnZero Works (“without Segment”)

ChurnZero is a real-time Customer Success platform that helps subscription businesses fight churn, expand current accounts, increase product adoption, and optimize the customer experience. Real-time product usage data is a central component of ChurnZero – and of proactive Customer Success teams. ChurnZero provides our customers with a variety of methods to send usage data, including a JavaScript library and an HTTP API.

Get More Out of ChurnZero with Segment

Configuring ChurnZero with Segment makes it easy to get up and running without custom code or requests to your development team. Simply find ChurnZero within the Segment Integrations Catalog, then copy and paste your ChurnZero App Key into the Segment Settings UI to give ChurnZero access to your Segment data. Once you’ve done this, ChurnZero will start tracking the Events and Attributes that are relevant to your Customer Success team. ChurnZero + Segment gives your Customer Success team real-time insights into the behavior of your customers with zero effort from your development resources.  

What Does the ChurnZero Integration Look Like?

Account Profile

ChurnZero, Customer Success Solution, Segment screenshot 1
Analyze usage trends at the individual contact and overall customer level. The customer’s ChurnScores summarizes their health based on customized factors including usage, engagement, and ROI. 

Journey Report

ChurnZero, Customer Success Solution, Segment Screenshot 2Track customers’ progress in real-time as they move through various stages of the customer lifecycle. 

Play Report

ChurnZero, Customer Success Solution, Segment screenshot 3Automate tasks and communications based on customers’ engagement metrics.

If you are looking for more integration information please check out the documentation here:

This integration requires subscriptions to both ChurnZero and Segment. Learn more and get connected today!


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