Mar 30, 2021

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5 of the Best Customer Success Infographics


As we are always on the lookout for new and interesting Customer Success resources, we thought we’d do a roundup of our favorite Customer Success infographics. 

Check them out to learn and get inspired by these visual resources.


1). Why Customer Success Matters

Topic: Learn about the importance of implementing a Customer Success program. 
Author: HubSpot

hubspot inforgraphic, why customer success matters
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2.) The Essential Guide to Quarterly Business Reviews

Topic: Check out these 12 tips to see how Customer Success Managers can have successful quarterly business reviews (QBRs) with their customers. 
Author: CSM Practice
CSM Practice
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3.) How to Have More Strategic Customer Conversations

Topic: Tips for asking your customers the right questions and listening between the lines to drive more strategic customer conversations. 
Author: ChurnZero and Chief Listening Officers
chief listening officers
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4.) 6 Metrics for Measuring Customer Success In Your Business

Topic: The six essential metrics you should be measuring for unparalleled insight into your Customer Success efforts. 
Author: Acquire
infographic snapshot
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5.) The Four Stages of Digital Customer Success Maturity

Topic: The four focus areas for optimizing automation to enhance your ability to communicate with customers. 
Author: ESG
ESG Success
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