Jan 18, 2023

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5 Customer Success Newsletters to Subscribe To


Customer Success newsletters are a great way to stay on top of industry trends and strategies, get tips and tricks to improve day-to-day operations, and even find networking opportunities and events, without having to do all the digging for information across the web to determine what information is valuable and what is not. We have curated a list of the top 5 customer success newsletters for you, so you can get high-quality content delivered directly to your inbox, starting today.


1. Fighting Churn newsletter

We admit we are impartial, but we are proud of the educational content presented in our very own ChurnZero Fighting Churn Newsletter. When you sign up to Fighting Churn you will receive a weekly email that will deliver tips from experts on how to improve the customer experience, increase efficiency, build your Customer Success team, drive subscription growth, and of course, fight churn.

2. ESG newsletter

When you subscribe to the ESG Customer Success newsletter you can expect game-changing Customer Success resources so you can stay ahead of the competition. This newsletter also includes real-world applications of experienced-based strategies, helpful resources, like whitepapers and pillar content, and tools to help you grow your company’s Customer Success strategies.

3. Customer Success League newsletter

The Customer Success League newsletter will provide inspiring and helpful resources for leaders and CSMs of content posted on their blog. Topics include management, designing programs, developing skills as customer success professionals, and engaging with executives.

4. TheySaid (Formerly ’nuffsaid) newsletter

Each issue of the TheySaid newsletter features one framework or perspective from a top CS leader that you can’t find anywhere else, and the four best articles shared that week.

5. SaaStr newsletter

When you sign up for the SaaStr newsletter all of the best of SaaStr will be sent to you weekly, or daily, based on your preference. By signing up you will also get the chance to get free tickets to their smaller events and special discounts to their larger ones.


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