Security and Trust with ChurnZero

HIPPA Compliance
ChurnZero realizes that helping to protect our customer’s data, ensure proper security regulations, and mitigate any potential risk is essential to building trust and delivering a high-level of service. ChurnZero takes a risk-based approach to security and this paper will detail the some of the many different measures and technologies in place to protect our customers.

Working in Amazon Web Services

ChurnZero is wholly hosted in the Amazon Web Services Public Cloud (AWS). All AWS security best practices are adhered to. ChurnZero employs a least access security methodology. Users with access to the platform are given the minimum level of access required for their job function, and access is audited every 90 days.

Network Access

Access to the platform from the internet is disabled from the edge, with the only access to the platform through an IPSec VPN. Churnzero does not use or allow access to the platform from a bastian or jump host. The ChurnZero network is segmented in such a way as to only allow Internet traffic to reach load balancing infrastructure, and traffic to front end servers is limited to traffic received directly from the load balancing infrastructure. Access to server resources that is not customer facing (database, file and infrastructure) is completed restricted to internal access and unreachable from the edge.

System Hardening

ChurnZero utilizes many various technologies to deliver our services. Consistent with industry best practices, ChurnZero Site Operations closely inspects all services to identify unnecessary services and remove and/or disable the capabilities to reduce vulnerabilities to security threats.

Security Patches

ChurnZero has strict policies and procedures in place to update all components of the ChurnZero Platform including operating systems, databases, etc. with their vendors’ security patches.

DevOps User Access

Access for DevOps users is granted on a least access method. Strong passwords are required and are rotated on a regular basis. In addition to password security, multi-factor authentication is required for all user accounts. Access to the root account has been restricted and multi-factor authentication enabled to prevent un-authorized access to the root account.

Encryption In Transit

All traffic into and out of the ChurnZero Platform is encrypted using TLS/SSL protocol that leverages either SHA-2 or AES algorithms.

Encryption At Rest

Data is encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm in Galois/Counter Mode (GCM), known as AES-GCM with 256-bit secret keys. Encryptions keys are stored using a Key Management Service. Databases are encrypted at rest as well as in flight between the underlying volume and the compute instances.

Audit Logs

Event Log data for all servers is shipped to a central log management solution and stored for a minimum of 7 days.

Malware and Virus Scanning

All files uploaded to the ChurnZero Application are scanned before acceptance. Additionally, all servers and corporate infrastructure is protected with zero day threat protection.

Isolated Data

Customer data is stored in a unique customer specific database schema.


Data is backed up continuously for two weeks for point-in-time recovery. In addition, weekly snapshots are retained for two months. Snapshots are scheduled and executed daily on all critical server infrastructure. All backups are encrypted in transit and encrypted at rest.

Application Access

Customer data may only be accessed through the application layer. Whether this access is through the user interface or through the publicly available API, it enforces user access controls to regulate access to customer data only to authorized users. As such, ChurnZero does not provide direct access to any database. This approach prevents unauthorized services or systems from accidentally or maliciously retrieving or modifying customer data.

Role Based Access Control

The ChurnZero Application allows the customer to define user roles that control which objects and capabilities within the ChurnZero Application that the user will have access to.

Regional Deployments

Data sovereignty is a complex issue that ranges from the technical to the regulatory. Understanding the complexities of the issue, ChurnZero operates data centers in the United States to serve the US and most other North American companies and also in Ireland to support customers in the European Union.


ChurnZero employees undergo annual security awareness training to focus employee attention on compliance with corporate security policies.

User Session Expiration

User session expiration (or user session timeout) allows the customer to specify a period of inactivity after which user sessions are terminated and users are automatically logged out of the ChurnZero Platform.

Continuous Security Monitoring

The ChurnZero application stack is continuously monitored for vulnerabilities and anomalies. We work with industry leaders like AlienVault, Detectify and Datadog to have deep, real-time visibility across our infrastructure in order to maintain continuous security for our customers and their data.

  • Alerting on suspicious network activity such as command and control connections out of the environment and external scans into the environment,
  • Alerting on API calls to the infrastructure which do not follow cloud infrastructure best practices, in all aspects of AWS services, including data services, serverless computing services and compute services,
  • Auditing our infrastructure daily to ensure it adheres to AWS security best practices,
  • Alerting upon discovery of vulnerable packages on the workload and providing CVE (Common Vulnerability and Exposures) information.

With breach detection based on behaviors, we minimize the time that our team needs to spend on identification, analysis of the incident, and process and reporting post-security alerts or incidents.

High Availability

All systems in the ChurnZero Application are highly available. All critical systems have a redundant pair that lives in at least 1 additional availability zone. 

Disaster Recovery

All critical data is copied on a nightly basis to another region in the same continent. ChurnZero Site Operations also maintains a DR by code infrastructure that can be spun up in another region to quickly restore systems and services in the event of a declared disaster.

Continuous Vulnerability Scans

ChurnZero continuously scans for the hundreds of database and web application hacker vulnerabilities, including the OWASP Top 10.

Periodic Penetration Tests

ChurnZero has yearly third-party vulnerability and penetration testing.

Data Retention

All customer data is deleted within 90 days of contract expiration. 

ChurnZero GreenPlaces Certification

ChurnZero Sustainability

ChurnZero is a certified green company. To earn GreenSpaces certification, companies are required to obtain an accurate carbon assessment, take action to reduce their environmental impact, and exercise transparency around all climate activity.

Access to Additional Resources

To gain access to additional security resources , please contact your Customer Success Manager (if you are a customer) or your Account Executive (if you are a prospective customer). Our team will get back to you with the details.