RFP360 Boosts Trial-to-Paid User Conversions and CS Team Productivity

RFP360 was founded to help customers develop strategic RFP processes that deliver results. As the only full-circle RFP management solution for issuers and responders, the platform simplifies the proposal process for businesses around the world. The company’s innovative technology and procurement expertise help organizations cut their project response time in half. RFP360 enables users to create twice the opportunities while boosting their business’s RFP win rate.

Increased Trial User Conversion

Scaled to 500+ Client Accounts

Reduced Churn Across Their Growing Customer Base

“Increase Customer Success Team Productivity and Boost Trial-to-Paid User Conversion”

Brian HartlySenior Director – Customer Success | RFP360

RFP360’s Success Story

The Challenge

As RFP360 underwent rapid growth, their Customer Success team struggled to:

  • Maintain a pulse on their customer portfolio. As their customer base rapidly expanded, RFP360’s Customer Success Consultants lacked a centralized Customer Success workspace for onboarding, engagement and support.
  • Scale their processes. The team had no way of viewing customer activity without manually searching for specific account metrics. This imperfect approach meant the team was reactive rather than proactive, in their account
  • Identify accounts in need or predict a customer’s likelihood to churn. Dispersed customer information made it difficult to identify which data points were most applicable to measuring customer health.
  • Deliver the right touchpoints at the ideal times. Automating the customer journey and other important communications was a must for this growing team.
  • Understand their most important prospects – trial-users – and monitor how they were using RFP360. A lack of user insights meant lost opportunities to optimize trial conversions.

The Process

RFP360 and ChurnZero partnered to accomplish the following:

  • Automate manual, repetitive activities to improve scalability. Automation means that the team has more time to provide an exceptional customer experience to the accounts that need it most.
  • Centralize customer success efforts and present customer data in an easy-to- understand format with ChurnZero’s intuitive UI and reporting.
  • Improve customer visibility to ensure that the team doesn’t miss a beat when managing their book of business. ChurnZero’s robust reporting and powerful analytics deliver deep, actionable customer insights at the moments it matters
  • Optimize customer trials with enhanced user insights. Strong usage insights have contributed to more than increased. retention. With trial subscriptions an important part of the RFP360 sales cycle, the team has been able to monitor how trial users engage with their product. As a result, the team has optimized trial subscriptions and converted more users into paid.
  • Make their account management more proactive by implementing real-time customer health metrics. RFP360 and ChurnZero worked together to identify and weigh customer data points. These are culminated in a ChurnScore that gauges a customer’s likelihood to churn or renew.

The Impact

In less than a year, RFP360 has experienced the following results:

  • Increased efficiencies across their entire Customer Success department. By automating their operations, the Customer Success team scaled their workload with a growing userbase without adding additional headcount.
  • Better oversight into user activities and trends with aggregated customer reporting. Customer Success teams can better track behavior trends, flag at-risk accounts and guide users towards success. Leadership uses Live Exports to analyze data via 3rd party visualization tools and share these insights organization-wide.
  • Stronger trial-user conversion by monitoring usage reports to understand and encourage success behaviors. These insights have optimized the trial subscription journey and has resulted in more conversions of unpaid users.
  • More productive customer conversations by centralizing and contextualizing their Customer Success data. The team reduced their reliance upon gut instincts and instead relies upon concrete data.
  • Realized measurable ROI after investing in a dedicated Customer Success platform. Besides reducing churn, the team is better equipped to drive upselling, cross-selling and trial-user conversions.
A Dedicated Customer Success Platform Means A More Productive Customer Success Team and Better Trial-to-Paid User Conversion

How You Can Start

If you want to understand how your customers use your product, how to increase user adoption and how to assess your customer health, our team of Customer Success Managers are ready to help.