Feb 11, 2020

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Top 5 Customer Success Takeaways from CCO USA


Chief Customer Officers USA

ChurnZero had the opportunity to attend and sponsor an event last week called – CCO USA. It was a two-day event in Atlanta, where attendees got to hear perspectives from leading Chief Customer Officers on how to utilize the latest technology to wow your customers, different models and strategies to enact deep operational change and the tools you need to train, measure and encourage core soft skills.

Our very own CCO, Abby Hammer, had a part of the action and was one of the presenters and spoke on- How to Drive Operational Excellence Through Data-Driven Customer Success. In the session she talked about how to proactively manage B2B customers through onboarding, adoption, advocacy and renewal.

The event was full of valuable content and we wanted to compile some of our top takeaways here for you.

1.) Surprise and Delight Your Customers

“The little wows can be more important than the big wows” thank you @mpwilliams #CCOUSA pic.twitter.com/BzVSjf72rU

— Jim Bass (@JimBassCX) February 5, 2020

2.) Leverage Tech to Connect With Customers

New term from #CCOUSA from @DavidKepron: “technempathy” value of tech is to create emotional connection with customers. #SmarterCX @CoriniumGlobal pic.twitter.com/mn69AZR95a

— Angela Walter Wells (@AngWWells) February 5, 2020

3.) Employees First And Then Customers

Take care of employees first so they can take care of customers. Customers are satisfied and experience value as a result and the business receives loyalty. Thank you Andrew Pine #CCOUSA @CoriniumGlobal pic.twitter.com/BcqEfCiEnj

— Jim Bass (@JimBassCX) February 6, 2020

4.) Build A Culture Not a Solution

“Build a culture, not a solution”. Thank you Elizabeth Zornes from @Zendesk #CCOUSA @CoriniumGlobal pic.twitter.com/LfnmfF7aLq

— Jim Bass (@JimBassCX) February 6, 2020

5.) Data & Analytics Are Important, But Don’t Forget Storytelling When Connecting With Customers

“Data and analytics are important but customers remember the emotion they experienced” thank you Raj from @Airbnb #CCOUSA @CoriniumGlobal pic.twitter.com/IwXIoxDy1v

— Jim Bass (@JimBassCX) February 6, 2020

Curious at what other events you can catch ChurnZero at this year? Check out our upcoming events schedule here

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