Feb 15, 2019

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Customer Success Takeaways from SaaStr 2019


Last week we attended and exhibited at SaaStr Annual in San Jose as a gold sponsor. It was a huge uniting of the global B2B SaaS community. 

We had some great conversations in our booth about scaling in SaaS and the role that Customer Success should play in driving that growth. 

It was also fantastic to meet so many Customer Success leaders at the event and see numerous Customer Success focused talks included in the session programming. 

In the world of SaaS there’s the underlying truth that Customer Success plays a key role in the recurring business model. Given that, we wanted to share with you some Customer Success takeaways we picked up while at the conference.

1.) CSM Profession is Exploding!

Customer Success profession is exploding. Don’t be left behind. Ask me how. #SaaStrAnnual pic.twitter.com/jFelREFPCm

— CustomerSuccessMaven (@TheCSMaven) February 5, 2019

2.) There’s More than Meets the Eye (or Ear)

Watch what customers do not what they say @karenpeacock #saastr2019 #SaaStrAnnual19 #SaaStrAnnual pic.twitter.com/M5nec3lfoP

— Shamanth Shankar (@shamanthshankar) February 5, 2019

3.) Focus on Both the User & the Chooser

“Who is the more important customer in #SaaS? User vs. Chooser? BOTH” – @skonnard CEO @pluralsight @saastr #SaaStrAnnual19 pic.twitter.com/gMvunGdkjV

— Heather Zynczak (@hzynczak) February 5, 2019

4.) Focus on Your Customers, Not Yourself

Focus on value to the customers not on yourself @karenpeacock #saastr #SaaStrAnnual2019 #saastr2019 pic.twitter.com/9wJQTR6S2g

— Shamanth Shankar (@shamanthshankar) February 5, 2019

5.) Key Product Metrics to Track

Q: When launching a new product, what key metrics should you be benchmarking against?

1). Active Use : Are people using your product in deep and meaningful ways?
2). Value: How are you helping your customers drive growth? #SaaStrAnnual #SaaStrAnnual19 @karenpeacock pic.twitter.com/XHUkuysxVM

— Intercom (@intercom) February 5, 2019

6.) CS Tips to Scale

Erica Schultz from @newrelic about how important customers are for them, and how and why you always should listen to them 💕 Session: Five critical lessons to scale to the enterprise #SaaStrAnnual19 #SaaStrmoments pic.twitter.com/iAzG7dgymC

— Lovisa Johansson (@lillajja) February 5, 2019

7.) Listen for Opportunities to Build Lifelong Fans

Take advantage of those super happy customers by going out of your way and you’ll build a rabid fan. @leelasrin #SaaStrAnnual19 pic.twitter.com/tAIThidWDn

— codescience (@codescience) February 5, 2019

8.) Work Backwards from the Customer

“Start with the customer, not with the technology.” – @sandy_carter – VP at Amazon Web Services #saastrannual19 @SaaStrAnnual pic.twitter.com/i0bfxQYTEM

— Andy Cabistan (@AndyCabistan) February 6, 2019

9.) Customer Success Question to Answer 

For customer success to start answer these questions @sandy_carter #SaaStrAnnual19 @SaaStrAnnual pic.twitter.com/vzqNDo3HTq

— codescience (@codescience) February 6, 2019

10.) Have Empathy for the Customer in Everything You Do

.@jennylawrence2: “Have deep empathy for the customer in everything you do.”#SaaStrAnnual19 #SaaStrAnnual2019 pic.twitter.com/xzziKsPlcY

— Duo Security (@duosec) February 6, 2019

 See you next year SaaStr!

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