Sales and Marketing teams have been using data strategies to power the sales funnel for quite some time now with great success. But why should these same data-driven strategies stop once a prospect becomes a customer? The short answer is, they shouldn’t.

Join this webinar to learn how Customer Success organizations can up their data game to create a more connected customer experience to drive better outcomes.

We will discuss these five areas that CS teams can effectively leverage data to drive retention:

The Customer Journey – building connection and engagement points to move the customer forward in their lifecycle
Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) – understanding who you are engaging with on both a prospect and customer level
ABM Strategies – navigating the customer account to identify your key points of contact
Buyer Intent Signals – identifying organizational changes that can become actionable insights
Scoring – supplementing your customer health score with firmographic and technographic data

Speaker: Henry Schuck, CEO, ZoomInfo
Moderator: You Mon Tsang, CEO, ChurnZero