External Customer Journey Sharing

Presenter: Brian Hoffman, Account Executive @ ChurnZero

Webinar On Demand

The strongest Customer Success programs strive to involve customers in their own success, to hold them accountable, and to present a clear path to ROI. Customer Success teams can cultivate superior engagements when they provide consistent insights to their customers. With ChurnZero, we not only bring these insights right to your fingertips, but we allow you to seamlessly share with your customers to drive collaboration on a more optimal customer experience.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:
  • Map out effective customer journeys, including both what we as the vendor are responsible for and what customers should strive to accomplish on their end for optimal results
  • Leverage External Sharing to drive collaboration with customers
  • Hold your customers accountable and inspire confidence by giving them clear insight on what they need to do, when, and why it matters for their success