CS Everywhere: Leveraging Insights in Salesforce, Slack, Teams, Zendesk, & More

Presenter: Spiros Theodore | Manager, Business Development @ ChurnZero

Webinar On Demand

Don’t let Customer Success become siloed within your organization. With a suite of tools and native integrations, ChurnZero allows for a more proactive approach to account management, driving our mission to bring Customer Success everywhere – for your team, right in your application, shared across your company, and for your customers. View this webinar to learn how ChurnZero can make the tools you already use even more powerful by driving productivity and collaboration.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:
  • How to use Slack and Teams to be more proactive with customers
  • Leveraging ChatBots to track and measure KPIs that provide a real-time pulse on your accounts
  • The importance of sharing CS data across siloed departments