The best Customer Success workshop in one three-hour masterclass.

March 23, 2023
12 PM – 5 PM
Peached Social House –  Austin, Texas

Join your fellow Customer Success leaders to workshop some of the most fundamental CS leadership challenges in a compact, interactive format.  

In just half a day, Customer Success experts will help you fortify your processes and systematic thinking around onboarding, team management and systematic growth.  You’ll gain new perspectives and strategic insights to drive better outcomes—all while building your contacts book with leadership-level networking. 

Hosted by ChurnZero, RYG Workshop Austin gives you the maximum value for a single day’s commitment in a city near you. Places are limited, so don’t delay in securing your seat.  

*RYG = red, yellow, green: the common indicators of customer health.

Successful customers are the heart of our business. Let’s keep them in the green.​


Who should attend

CS leaders and aspiring leaders: Directors, Customer Success vice presidents, or CCOs new to the role.  Content geared toward the midmarket,  — businesses with at least 100 employees.





RYG workshop speakers


12 PM – 1 PM:  Check-in and light lunch
1 PM – 4 PM: Sessions
4 PM – 5 PM: Networking reception


Onboarding is hard. Let’s make it easier.

Jeff Kushmereck, Founder & CEO, Infinite Renewals 

Retention starts at implementation. Without the right processes, people and tools, however, implementation and onboarding can be haphazard. You’ll gain a toolkit of proven onboarding dos, don’ts and best practices, a deeper understanding of why they matter, and the confidence to reassess and fortify your onboarding process.  

Build the right CS foundation for good times and bad.

Kristen Hayer, Founder & CEO, The Success League 

Learn how Kristen and her leaders transformed an inexperienced Customer Success team into a revenue-driving powerhouse without disrupting business as usual. You’ll get an inside look at the CS program they built, including its early implementation of technology and the CS maturity model used to accelerate readiness and deliver impactful results faster.  

Drive powerful client outcomes through Customer Success systems and controls.

Peter Armaly, VP of Customer Success, ESG 

While relationship-building will get you far in Customer Success, you need a well-built and well-managed environment to drive customer outcomes programmatically. Learn how a focus on strong business principles—efficient processes, key enabling technologies, communications excellence, and employee performance—is the key to better customer outcomes and transformative growth.


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March 23, 2023
12 PM – 5 PM
Peached Social House – Austin Texas
Registration Fee:  $75

(Seats Limited)