Apr 18, 2023

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ChurnZero announces second annual CSM Appreciation Week


Customer Success managers across the industry are invited to showcase their business skillsets, win cash prizes, and earn recognition in the CSM Awards this May.

Washington, D.C. – April 18, 2023 – ChurnZero, the platform and partner for Customer Success, has announced the second annual CSM Appreciation Week to recognize the dedication and skills of Customer Success managers (CSMs) at SaaS and subscription businesses everywhere. Held from May 8-12, this week of appreciation includes the industry-wide CSM Awards, which offer every CSM the opportunity to earn prizes and recognition for their work and creativity.

“This year more than ever, Customer Success managers deserve extra appreciation for their tenacity and resourcefulness in keeping customers, driving value, and growing revenue,” says You Mon Tsang, CEO and co-founder, ChurnZero. “They’re not just their customers’ coaches, consultants, and advisors; they’re also the engine driving the SaaS industry through the turbulence of 2023. Let’s celebrate their work, their impact, and their dedication in CSM Appreciation Week this May.”

From April 18 to May 1, CSMs are invited to submit examples of their work and ingenuity across five CSM Awards categories, each showcasing an essential tactical aspect or skill of Customer Success. On May 8, three finalists in each category will be named in a webinar hosted by a panel of Customer Success leaders and experts, followed by four days of public voting to decide the winners. Voters can vote multiple times: once in the webinar, and once per day from May 8 to May 11 on the CSM Appreciation Week website. The five winners, who will earn cash prizes of $500 each, will be revealed on Friday, May 12.

2023’s CSM Award categories are:

 – Best renewal communication: Demonstrate the writing skills that helped you get a renewal deal across the finish line. Presented by ChurnZero.

 – Best reengagement strategy: Share your proven ideas for getting a hard-to-reach customer re-engaged and back on track. Presented by Northpass.

 – Best digital-first strategy: Detail your most successful technology-focused tactics for working more efficiently and scaling impact. Presented by The Success League.

 – Best use of video: Show how you use video to build a more engaging, impactful connection with your customers. Presented by ESG.

 – Best save story: Share the tactics you used to turn an at-risk account around, and how the results impacted your organization. Presented by SuccessCOACHING.

Last year’s CSM Awards saw nearly 10,000 public votes from a field of 18 finalists, picked from 400 submissions for their skills and dedication to the evolving field of Customer Success.

Find out more and enter this year’s CSM Awards at CSM Appreciation Week.


About ChurnZero

ChurnZero is a recognized leader in Customer Success dedicated to helping subscription businesses succeed at scale. The company is known for its powerful, intuitive Customer Success platform and ongoing partnership with its customers to ensure they get everything they need to improve efficiency, increase revenue, and deliver the best possible customer experiences.

Through the platform, Customer Success teams can spot potential churn risks early and identify renewal and expansion opportunities. Best-in-class automation and in-app communication make it easy to engage with customers and lead them to value.

As Customer Success professionals serving Customer Success professionals, the ChurnZero team prides itself on being trusted partners, consultants, and coaches, so customers can focus on the work that matters to grow their businesses.

Founded in 2015, ChurnZero is a remote-first company with headquarters in Washington, D.C., and an office in Amsterdam.


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