Increase adoption and engagement at scale with WalkThroughs

You can’t boost product adoption at scale with manual customer communications. ChurnZero’s WalkThroughs let you engage customers with customized, targeted and relevant messages, delivered automatically when they’re using your product. Walkthroughs are 100% configured in your ChurnZero platform, so you don’t need help from your dev team to set them up.

How WalkThroughs make a difference

Onboarding and product tours

A user’s onboarding journey has a direct effect on their decision to renew. Lead them to value faster with WalkThroughs of the product features that matter most.

Proactive support

Minimize support tickets and requests for help with less intuitive features by creating WalkThroughs that show customers how to use them.


Feature promotion

Use WalkThroughs to debut your latest feature enhancements, and showcase underused, sticky features to specific customers based on behavioral data.

Targeted messages

Target messages to the right user groups by launching WalkThroughs automatically for any user segment. From beta testing to UI refreshes, you have complete control.

WalkThrough types and benefits
ChurnZero gives you three types of WalkThrough to maximize engagement and customer value.
WalkThrough Types
  • Pop-Ups – Appear in the middle of the screen
  • Sliders – Appear from a selected direction, slides onto the screen
  • Tool tips – Highlight a specific element on the page with an arrow
Benefits of WalkThroughs
  • Accelerate time to value: Introduce, highlight and engage from within your ChurnZero platform.
  • Reach users at exactly the right time: Target accounts and contacts based on user data.
  • Offset support costs and free up resources: Self-service guidance can enforce training or answer predicted FAQs.
  • Stay ahead of adoption lags: Continuously support customers beyond a one-time tour.
  • Eliminate dev costs and time: Your CS team can design and deploy WalkThroughs independently.

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