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Customer Success AI™

Designed specifically to help CS teams.

Get answers and take meaningful action faster and easier than ever before. ChurnZero’s Customer Success AI™ is your CS team’s new creative partner for creating content, synthesizing customer touchpoints, improving personalization and automation, and ideating on demand.

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How Customer Success AI works

CS AI is trained on what you do to make it easier and faster for you to focus on your customers.

Tell ChurnZero what you need.

Choose from existing prompt options or ask CS AI a question to begin generating content, developing strategies, summarizing customer notes or improving existing communications.

Review and refine.

Review your content to see how well it delivers, then refine it by giving CS AI further instructions. Ask for more details, new ideas, fewer words, or have CS AI change the tone, provide a translation, personalize with customer details, or deliver a summary—it’s up to you.

Copy, paste and customize.

When you’re happy with the CS AI output, edit it as needed for further personalization, and move on.

Create account summaries with Customer Briefs

You can generate account summaries instantly with the power of ChurnZero’s Customer Success AI.   Customer Briefs give you a customizable, holistic summary of any account’s attributes, health, usage, engagement, communications, and more with a single click. 

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Improve personalization and automation

Compose follow-up messages based on notes from meetings and projects. Like our other CS AI features, AI-driven follow-ups will save CSMs valuable time daily by streamlining tasks and ensuring quick execution on action items. 

What can Customer Success AI help you with?

  • Emails
  • Touchpoint summaries
  • External announcements
  • Internal messages
  • Account summaries
  • Training documentation
  • Implementation documentation
  • Best practice guidance
  • Meeting summaries (think logging an event after a client call)
  • Meeting agendas
  • Blog posts

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An industry first

ChurnZero was the first to incorporate AI into a Customer Success platform.  We believe AI is an essential component in Customer Success. Just as we prioritize robust data integrations, data sharing, ease-of-use, powerful reporting, and best-in-class automation, AI-empowerment is now a central focus of our efforts at ChurnZero.

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