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See account summaries in seconds with CS AI™.

Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of compiling manual account summaries. Now, you can generate them instantly with the power of ChurnZero’s Customer Success AI. Customer Briefs give you a customizable, holistic summary of any account’s attributes, health, usage, engagement, communications, and more with a single click.

What’s in a Customer Brief?   

Customer Briefs eliminate the need to comb through call notes, health scores, survey data, usage data and other details required to understand a customers’ needs, progress, and likelihood to renew, expand, or churn. After customizing Customer Briefs to include the most relevant information, CS teams using ChurnZero can generate AI-powered summaries for any account, with the following options:  

  • Account overview
    Ket attributes that provide important context on customers’ history, current status, and forward-looking goals.
  • Health and usage
    Current and recent health scores such as highest, lowest, and average scores; usage statistics such as days active, users active, time logged, and licenses utilized.  
  • Communications and survey feedback
    NPS®, CSAT and CES scores with positive, neutral, and negative comments summarized; summary of recent emails and action items. 
  • Engagements
    Most recent call notes and activities logged by CSMs with recurring themes, concerns, and opportunities highlighted.  

See CS AI Customer briefs in action

Customizable by your ChurnZero admin, Customer Briefs use qualitative and quantitative data to give you a complete view of any account, with key trends and themes highlighted. 

Customer briefs are powered by Customer Success AI™.

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An industry first

ChurnZero was the first to incorporate AI into a Customer Success platform.  We believe AI is an essential component in Customer Success. Just as we prioritize robust data integrations, data sharing, ease-of-use, powerful reporting, and best-in-class automation, AI-empowerment is now a central focus of our efforts at ChurnZero.