ChurnZero Product Editions

Growth, Professional & Enterprise Editions

  ChurnZero’s Growth Edition is designed for smaller teams and startups. Growth offers a Customer Success solution that is easier to buy, while still being full-featured. Growth includes the majority of ChurnZero’s core functionality.

Built for Fast-Growing Companies, ChurnZero Professional enables you to manage more customers with greater precision and personalization and ChurnZero gives you the power to rapidly scale without the need to equally expand your Customer Success team.

Enterprise is an enhanced version of ChurnZero designed for well established or rapidly scaling Customer Success teams. Enterprise includes all standard features available in Professional, as well as advanced features focused on deeper reporting and complex use cases​.

FEATURES Growth Professional Enterprise
Parent/Child Accounts
Account + Contact Profiles
Real-Time Alerts
External Journey Sharing (Reports & In-App Checklists)
(No In-App)
Conditional Logic in Plays
JavaScript/DevLess for Implementation
In-App Announcements
Success Centers
Success Insights
Standard Surveys (NPS, CSAT & CES)
(NPS only; No In-App)
Custom Surveys
Reporting Growth Professional Enterprise
Command Center
My Dashboard
Daily Digest
Account Growth Report
Cohort Reporting
Events Dashboard
Live Exports
(Email only)
Custom Dashboards
Account Insights
PLATFORM ACCESS + SECURITY Growth Professional Enterprise
Multi-Factor Authentication
User Permission Groups
Account Roles & Assignments
INTEGRATIONS Growth Professional Enterprise
(Accounts, Contacts, Tasks Only)


Inbox Integration
(1 Year History)

(Full History)

(Full History)
Calendar Integration
Usage Integration
Add-On Integrations
(Limit of 1)

(Limit of 5)

Manual Imports
Salesforce Dashboard
HTTP API, a simple upload API
REST API, for data retrieval and integration Can add
ADD-ONS Growth Professional Enterprise
Slack ChatBot Can add
Microsoft Teams ChatBot Can add
ChurnZero for Zendesk Support Can add
WalkThroughs Can add Can add
Limits Growth Professional Enterprise
Max of Users 3 included; 3 max No max No max
Accounts Permitted 1,200 max;
No overages
400/user; $1.00/
account overages
400/user; $1.25/
account overages
Product Usage History 1 Year History
Up to 150 Event Types
Unlimited History
Up to 400 Event Types
Unlimited History
Up to 400 Event Types


Growth Professional Enterprise
Implementation Kickoff Welcome Call + Process Overview Welcome Call + Process Overview Welcome Call + Project Planning
Requirement Review Sessions 1 2 3
Technical Kickoff Implementation Academy Implementation Academy Implementation Academy + Live Q&A
Review of Core Data QA Segments + Recorded Overview QA Segments + Live Review QA Dashboard + Live Review
Data Validation Recorded Overview + Report Card Live Overview + Report Card Live Review + Report Card
Projects Check-Ins Email + Project Signoff Call Bi-Weekly + Project Signoff Call Weekly + Project Signoff Call


TRAINING & INITIAL CONFIGURATION Growth Professional Enterprise
Admin Training
ChurnZero Admin Academy
Fast Track Configuration Guides
Consultation Sessions 2 5 10
Executive Configuration Reviews 2 5
ChurnZero Community
User Training
ChurnZero User Academy
Live Training Sessions 1 3+ customized user
Live Q&A Sessions 1 3 5
Train-the-Trainer Train-the-Trainer Toolkit Train-the-Trainer Toolkit + 1 Live Session Train-the-Trainer Toolkit + 2 Live Sessions
ChurnZero Community
ONGOING CUSTOMER SUCCESS Growth Professional Enterprise
3-Month Post Go Live CSM Check-Ins Monthly Bi-Weekly Weekly
Ongoing Success Check-Ins Quarterly Monthly Bi-Weekly
Accounting Insights and Adoption Reporting Quarterly Monthly Bi-Weekly
Executive Reviews 1/year 2/year
New Admin Training Admin Academy Admin Academy + 2 Live Sessions/Year Admin Academy + 4 Live Sessions/Year
Team Refresher Sessions User Academy User Academy + 2 Live Sessions/Year User Academy + 4 Live Sessions/Year
Admin Academy
User Academy
ChurnZero Community
ChurnZero Community Ambassador Eligibility Can apply Can apply Can apply
ChurnZero Support

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