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ChurnZero leads in time-to-value during implementation. With a dedicated CSM and data specialist, and configuration specialist, your path to success is both customized and configured to meet all your business goals.


Scale with efficiency.

Our enterprise-grade, yet intuitive platform is built to grow with you and your customer base, regardless of your stage. This means your team can scale without outgrowing your Customer Success platform.

Integrate it all.

Move beyond basic with ChurnZero’s industry-leading integration library. We offer native integrations with all the apps you love and a REST API so you can centralize your customer data in one space.


Reach users in-app.

In-app tools like messaging and WalkThroughs let you reach customers at the right place and time – within your product. All done without the need for developers or additional software.



Understand product usage.

With just a few clicks, ChurnZero provides the ability to measure usage data like logins, time spent in-app, and event tracking. More insights provide more opportunities to keep customers successful.

Automate customer touchpoints.

Top-of-class automation provides more ways to connect with customers on a personal level. Deliver service at scale with comprehensive multi-step plays or create entire customer journeys that keep your clients engaged for the long run.

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What people are saying

ChurnZero is well-suited for any company that wants to take their Customer Success game to the next level. It's easy to set up, and very intuitive even for people who have not administered software before.”

Reanna Dempsey
Director of Customer Success
at Unane

If reducing churn and increasing retention is what you are looking for, this is the tool for you!”

Kristine Sours
Director of Client Success
at DonorSearch

ChurnZero is a fantastic solution that allows teams to better forecast churn, but more importantly, give your team the ability to better automate and manage a client book more efficiently.”

Marcus Torres
Senior Client Success Manager
at Bloomfire

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you make the switch to Churnzero

Is In-App functionality standard?

Functionality like in-app messaging and WalkThroughs are built right into the platform. There’s no need for additional software investment.

Is ChurnZero easy to use?

Take our customer’s word for it! We outscore the legacy Customer Success platform in ease of use, ease of setup, and ease of doing business with.

Does ChurnZero provide survey capabilities?

ChurnZero comes standard with native surveying abilities for NPS, CSAT, CES. Need to ask something else? Custom Surveys can easily be created and deployed via email, in-app, and more. 

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