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The right platform and partner goes a long way in Customer Success. Take a ChurnZero demo and see why we earn G2’s Leader and Best Relation awards every quarter.


Everything you need to succeed

One comprehensive view

Get a 360° view of your customer with data from multiple sources to monitor every aspect of customer health. 

Understand customer health  

Anticipate churn risks and know when to engage with customized health scoring.  

Be more targeted 

Segment your customers by persona and engage with tailored, timely messages. 

Stay in the know

Get real-time alerts on risks and opportunities as they occur, so that you can respond without delay.

Keep customers on track

Manage your customer journey and ensure that they hit their milestones from onboarding to renewal. 

Engage customers where they are 

Set up plays and automation to connect at the right time, with the right message, at scale. 

Beyond the software, we’re trusted partners, consultants, and coaches, dedicated to helping your CS team focus on the work that matters to grow your business.   

It’s how we’ve earned the #1 Customer Success spot on G2 for likelihood of customers to recommend, quality of support, and being a good business partner.   

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Take a demo and see how you’ll increase revenue and reduce churn with ChurnZero’s Customer Success platform and resources. 

What people are saying

ChurnZero is well-suited for any company that wants to take their Customer Success game to the next level. It's easy to set up, and very intuitive even for people who have not administered software before.”

Reanna Dempsey
Director of Customer Success
at Unane

If reducing churn and increasing retention is what you are looking for, this is the tool for you!”

Kristine Sours
Director of Client Success
at DonorSearch

ChurnZero is a fantastic solution that allows teams to better forecast churn, but more importantly, give your team the ability to better automate and manage a client book more efficiently.”

Marcus Torres
Senior Client Success Manager
at Bloomfire

ChurnZero software is used by leading CS teams worldwide. Some of their results:

  • 58% reduction in churn  
  • 100% increase in customer lifetime value  
  • 21% increase in net revenue retention  
  • 70% increase in user adoption  
  • 50% reduction in onboarding time  
  • 45-point increase in NPS  

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