Nylas Maintains 1% Churn With 3x Growth in Customer Base

Nylas is a digital engagement platform that drives business productivity automation for billions of people each day. Their universal communications APIs allow developers to access unstructured communications data with ease and to build automation workflows for data entry, data extraction, scheduling, omni-channel communications, and more.

Under 1%

ARR Churn Maintained in 2021


Increase in NPS in Over a Year, With Improvements Across All Customer Segments


Increase in NPS Respondents QoQ, on Average

“I used a different CSM tool for five years and coming to ChurnZero was very different off the bat. The onboarding materials for a new user are amazing. The service we’ve received – getting the team feeling really great about using ChurnZero, answering questions, and fixing issues – has been tremendous.”

Ryan DeAngelo, Manager, Customer Success Team | Nylas

Nylas Success Story

The Challenge

The Nylas Customer Success team experienced the following challenges:

As Nylas underwent exponential growth, with their customer base tripling in size in just over two years, the Customer Success team struggled to scale their service with limited headcount. To proactively reach more customers, the team needed to find a way to automate everyday engagements so they could focus their attention on at-risk customers.

The Process

Nylas and ChurnZero partnered to accomplish the following:

  • Consolidate customer information into one central location through integrations that include Salesforce, Zendesk, Gong, and Slack. “ChurnZero centralizes all these sources of truth that are all over the place, sitting in all these different platforms we use, into one location for various teams, which makes things really easy for our CSMs,” says Ryan DeAngelo, Manager, Customer Success Team at Nylas.
  • Streamline their onboarding processes using Plays that are personalized based on the customer’s product type and configurations. “ChurnZero has been super helpful, because now when we onboard customers, we can be really fast and efficient with engaging them and getting them the information they need,” says Angie Shaw, CSM at Nylas. “Our Implementation team has started using ChurnZero to create templates and to send onboarding follow-up messages. Even our engineers are using the platform and finding it helpful because we track our onboarding statuses, customer integration notes, all of that in ChurnZero.”
  • Automate customer engagements using team-wide lifecycle Plays. “Plays are definitely the heart of our engagement with our customer base,” says Angie. “It’s nice to set it and forget it and not really have to think about it, but still know that we can always go back and iterate on the Plays if we want to improve or tweak them.”
  • Track customer churn, trends, and risk using ChurnScores and engagement metrics. “Being able to track churn is now leading us to look at churn in new ways, so that’s a win both for the Customer Success team and for the business,” says Ryan.
  • Revamp their NPS campaign by automating NPS survey requests and follow-ups through ChurnZero Plays and Surveys.
  • Prioritize account outreach, tasks, and activities by better understanding their customer base through Segments. “I really like being able to make quick segments – not even to run a Play, but just as a repository to see things like who were our NPS promoters last quarter? What are my accounts with an ACV of $15k or greater?” says Angie. “I often use ChurnZero’s Segments to create mini reports that help me collect my thoughts and organize what I’m doing next.”

The Impact

Using ChurnZero, Nylas saw the following results:

  • Maintained ARR churn to under 1% in 2021
  • 25-point increase in NPS in over a year, with improvements across all customer segments
  • 24% increase in NPS respondents quarter over quarter, on average
  • Onboarded 100+ new customers in 2021 through streamlined processes and Plays
  • Maintained an onboarding CSAT score of 99%
  • Implemented processes to manage 400+ Growth Segment Customers at scale, which would have not been possible without ChurnZero
Maintains 1% Churn With 3x Growth in Customer Base

How You Can Start

To find out how you can proactively engage customers and better understand your user behavior to reduce churn, schedule your demo of ChurnZero today.