FlexyBox Increases Positive Customer Reviews and NPS With Playbooks

FlexyBox is a POS system tailored for your industry that gathers your entire operation into a single system and frees up time that can then be spent on your customers.


Reduction in Churn With 10% Growth in Customer Base


Increase in Positive Ratings on Third-Party Review Site


Increases in Ratings and Responses

“Working with ChurnZero and our CSM has been a fantastic journey. After implementing ChurnZero, we have much better control of our onboarding of new customers and can easily escalate when needed. ChurnZero is very intuitive and is not limited to a specific use. You can combine the functions many ways to obtain your exact needs. For me, this is a very powerful system, and also one that’s fun to work with when you’re interested in doing things in a new way.”

Rasmus Munck, Customer Experience Manager | FlexyBox

The Challenge

FlexyBox’s goal was to grow their customer base and expand outside of the Danish borders.

FlexyBox needed to increase their brand awareness and positive word-of-mouth. But without a way to accurately gauge customer satisfaction, the team never knew when it was the right time to ask a customer to become an advocate.

The Process

FlexyBox and ChurnZero partnered to accomplish the following:

  • Launch an NPS® program using ChurnZero’s integrated survey tool. An NPS survey is sent to new customers after they are active in the system for 60 days. This time threshold allows the team to capture sentiment related to new customer onboarding. To capture the ongoing sentiment of existing customers, a follow-up survey is sent every six months following a customer’s initial surveying.
  • Automate the customer review request process to maximize positive customer sentiment. If a customer scores as a Promoter (9-10 NPS), a Play triggers with a request for the customer to review FlexyBox on Trustpilot.
  • Set up Alerts for low NPS responses to conduct proactive follow-up. The team actively works with customers to quickly turn their frustrations into a positive experience and grow the relationship.
  • Create a proactive approach for customer review management. When a customer leaves a poor review, they are tagged in ChurnZero and added to a Segment. A customer’s entry into the Segment triggers a Play that follows up with the customer regarding their experience. Once the team resolves the customer’s issue, they send an invite to the customer asking them to update their review based on the resolution of their issues. The team tracks the Play’s effectiveness using their “Goal Met” segment for continual improvement.

The Impact

After launching an integrated NPS and a customer review program, FlexyBox saw the following results:

  • Reduced churn by 58%, despite their customer base growing by 10%
  • Improved their overall NPS score and response rate
  • 25% increase in their review rating on the review site Trustpilot
  • Converted customer relationships and value into advocacy in the form of internal NPS surveys, external reviews, case studies, and referrals
FlexyBox Increases Positive Customer Reviews and NPS With Playbooks

How You Can Start

To find out how you can increase your customer advocacy with the help of proactive automation, schedule your demo of ChurnZero today.