Boulevard doubles account growth while increasing account coverage by 13x

Boulevard offers the first and only client experience platform purpose-built for appointment-based, self-care businesses. Boulevard empowers business owners and professionals alike to deliver personable, enjoyable experiences to their clients through online appointment scheduling, messaging, and payments that are simple, elegant, and reliable.


account growth


increase in CSM account coverage


CS productivity and scalability

“ChurnZero did an amazing job with onboarding. The process was an experience that I’ve never had at any other company—it was extremely smooth. Seeing how the ChurnZero CS team uses its own platform was very inspirational for us. We don’t know what we’d have done without our CSM, Erica, who supported us the entire way. Without question, the people at ChurnZero are what make it special.”

Will Patterson, customer experience operations manager | Boulevard

The Challenge

Boulevard faced the common challenge of serving a large customer base with a nimble team.

The company brought on Will Patterson, customer experience operations manager, to stand up a Customer Success function, build out its processes, and select a CS platform.

“I came from being a Gainsight admin,” said Will. “When I joined Boulevard, most of the CS team didn’t have experience with a CS platform before. I was going to be an ops team of one, so that went into my overall calculus on what platform was the best for Boulevard—and that was ChurnZero.”

The CS team decided to partner with ChurnZero because they knew they could implement its platform quickly and get their CSMs up and running in a short amount of time.

“When we were looking at platforms,” said Will, “ChurnZero made the most sense because of how well it empowers both admins and CSMs to create segments, plays, and dashboards. It took me less than 45 days to build it out to what I wanted. I knew the change management and the training for my CS team were going to be easier because of how the platform’s designed. It freed me up to scale quickly.”

The Process

With the help of ChurnZero, Boulevard created solutions to:

  • Improve the transparency of customer data across teams. Using an integration between Boulevard’s support ticketing system and ChurnZero, the team automatically tags customers’ chat and support conversations with their account information, like ChurnScore and journey stage. “By bringing data from ChurnZero into Intercom, we can personalize support experiences based on a customer’s plan, persona, and churn risk,” said Will. The team also uses ChurnZero to trigger plays based on the macro (a templated response) a support rep uses. “A process that once required looking up who the CSM was in Salesforce, and then Slacking them is now fully automated. CS leaders can track and improve CSM accountability. Nothing gets missed,” said Will.
  • Stream customer feedback throughout the organization. The CS team instantly pushes real-time customer feedback to product, marketing, and leadership teams directly in Slack, Jira, and UserVoice via a webhook step within their NPS and CSAT survey plays. “This has been immensely valuable for teams and leaders to keep a finger on the pulse of our customers,” said Will. “Prior to ChurnZero, our CSMs were responsible for so much that they didn’t always have time to pause and share data with other teams.” Opening up customer feedback channels has encouraged more internal discussions and built a culture of collaboration that’s consistent and productive. “It’s no longer incumbent on the CSM to figure out which teams to notify,” said Will. “Supporting teams get access to ChurnZero data, from the places they work out of every day, without having to purchase additional licenses.”
  • Build a more collaborative product partnership. Bringing ChurnZero data into the product team’s tech stack has made Voice of Customer meetings more efficient. Prior to ChurnZero, the product team would ask CSMs to come to these meetings with a list of customer feedback examples. Now, the product team has instant access to that information and engages directly with feedback in Slack channels, commenting on interesting and notable threads. “More internal conversations are happening now because of the closed feedback loop we’ve created, which has been critical, especially because we’re a fully remote company,” said Will.
  • Drive product adoption. The team triggers multi-channel plays based on product usage data to address adoption issues early. “By bringing product analytics from our BI tools into ChurnZero, we now have a deeper level of insight than we’ve ever had before,” said Will.
  • Win customer loyalty with “surprise and delight” plays. By integrating their gifting platform and in-app tool within ChurnZero, the team automatically sends customers anniversary gifts, “lunch on launch day” offers, and virtual confetti in their account dashboard. “ChurnZero has helped CSMs identify references at scale and foster potential customer advocates into dream customers,” said Will.
  • Identify at-risk customers to prevent churn. The team created a ChurnScore that brings in platform analytics to measure customer health in real time. “Before ChurnZero, it was challenging to proactively track account health,” said Will. “But now that we have ChurnScores, we are able to see the customer activity that leads up to churn and take proactive steps to address it.”
  • Create a centralized view of customer data. As a customer experience platform, Boulevard has unique insight into its customers’ businesses. But the company’s rich customer data was scattered across high-level dashboards in multiple tools. With ChurnZero, CSMs can now track account-level engagement and metrics and zoom into specific user details at the contact level.

The Impact

Using ChurnZero, the Boulevard team:

  • Achieved 100% account growth in less than a year from implementing ChurnZero. “Addressing our challenges was made so incredibly easy by instrumenting ChurnZero,” said Will.
  • Saw a 13x increase in CSM account coverage. “Before ChurnZero, everything was manual and our CSMs could only be reactive,” said Will. “Now, our CSMs can cover our entire portfolio.” That additional coverage has helped Boulevard continue to achieve dramatic increases in revenue while helping its customers significantly drive down client no-show rates.
  • Improved CS productivity and scalability. In the first year of implementing ChurnZero, the CS organization added additional roles and responsibilities to help scale and own the creation of new and exciting plays. “ChurnZero enables our operations team to add incredible value to both Boulevard and our customers by allowing us to be extremely agile and responsive,” said Will.
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Boulevard doubles account growth while increasing account coverage by 13x

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