2x Increase in Customer Lifetime Value for Partnership Marketing Platform

Affise is a partnership marketing platform for brands, advertisers, and agencies to automate and scale their partner relations via all possible performance marketing channels including traditional affiliates, influencers, networks, and agencies.


Increase in Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) YoY


Rise in G2 Review Rankings

Under 2%

Churn Maintained

“Our customers are now more willing to share feedback and feature ideas because they know we’re listening to them. They are giving our platform positive feedback and promoting it among other people in the industry.”

Dmitry Hodosok, Customer Success Manager | Affise

The Challenge

One of Affise’s goals and challenges has been cultivating customer trust and advocacy, as well as increasing expansion revenue.

The team needed to improve customer retention and increase expansion and new business MRR through their internal referral program and CSM outreach.

But finding the right customers to target for these opportunities proved difficult as the team lacked the means to measure customer advocacy and track what exactly caused customer loyalty to decrease or increase.

The team also needed a systematic way to turn customer requests, feedback, and pain points into actionable tasks for their team to analyze and deploy.

The Process

Affise partnered with ChurnZero to accomplish the following:

  • Implement NPS® surveys sent via In-App Messages with an email follow-up if they didn’t receive an initial response from a customer.
  • Create a process to source and share customer feedback from NPS surveys with other internal teams. If a customer included product feedback in the additional comments section of their NPS, the team created a special task to track these development requests. Then, the team used Live Exports to pull this data and share it with the Product and Customer Success teams. This provided the teams with hands-on, direct feedback regarding customer pain points.
  • Launch a customer review program to incentivize customers to provide feedback. The team tracked all reviews and reward fulfillment through ChurnZero.
  • Build a customer referral program where the team could easily share a referral link with customers and track child-account creation.
  • Amplify and sharpen their targeting strategy for expansion using ChurnZero Segments and Alerts. The team identified specific triggers for product cross-sells and upsells and built Segments based on these expansion attributes. When an Account enters a Segment, the team is automatically alerted so they can immediately act on the customer’s buying signals.
  • Increase MRR using automated Plays for account diversification. After conducting customer research, the team found that a portion of their customer base actively uses two or more accounts, which directly leads to MRR growth. With this insight, the team created a Play for their existing active customers with an offer to expand their business by diversifying and opening more accounts.
  • Drive expansion with automated win-back campaigns. Since the team cannot influence expansion rates by increasing the number of new customers, they tapped into another high-potential revenue source: their churned customers. The team created a win-back Play to reengage their inactive Accounts with an exclusive product offer. CSMs use the Play’s engagement metrics to gauge customer interest and pinpoint the right moment for outreach.
  • Identify unexpected causes of churn in renewal process. By creating customer Segments based on payment methods, the team discovered an unexpected pattern. The debts of churned Accounts with one payment model significantly differed from the other types. This prompted the team to introduce an auto-recurring payment process and offer greater privileges to customers who pay with more reliable methods.

The Impact

As a result of Affise’s customer advocacy and expansion efforts, the team saw:

  • 2x increase in Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) YoY
  • 26 new features implemented based on product feedback from customers
  • Expanded into 21 business units of existing customer accounts and even more accounts through customer referral opportunities
  • 7-place rise in G2 review rankings, moving from 10th place to 3rd place for their product category after collecting 40+ new positive review
  • Reduced customer churn to less than 2%, despite the COVID-19 crisis
2x Increase in Customer Lifetime Value for Partnership Marketing Platform

How You Can Start

To find out how you can increase your customer advocacy and expansion revenue, schedule your demo of ChurnZero today.