Apr 8, 2022

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Why Customer Success leaders should attend BIG RYG 2022


All it takes is one idea to spark creativity and change. At BIG RYG 2022, on October 12 – 13 in Washington, D.C., you’ll find ideas for years. Clear your calendar and register today!

What’s BIG RYG? It’s the definitive Customer Success leadership summit. That’s a bold statement. But these testimonials from last year’s attendees will help you see why we make it:

  • “I LOVED the content so much. At other conferences, I have sometimes felt like I’m sitting through a sales pitch, and I didn’t feel like that in any of the sessions I attended at BIG RYG. Every ChurnZero team member I interacted with was absolutely amazing. Y’all are the best!”
  • “Honestly, it was an amazing in-person conference. The team did a phenomenal job, and I’m eager to attend again next year.”
  • “Great conference. I have so many action items now!”

It warms our hearts to make our attendees’ to-do list grow — but in a good “my mind is bursting with exciting ideas that I can’t wait to do” kind of way. Whether you opt for the classic Moleskine, the functional laptop, or the fancy digital notebook, come prepared. You’re going to want to take notes.

Why else should you register for BIG RYG 2022?

1. BIG RYG 2022 is a summit by leaders for leaders. Learn from others in the industry about what it takes to run a modern Customer Success organization today. Get the leadership tactics to build a high-performing team, as well as the strategic frameworks needed to see the big picture and become a strategic partner to the business.

2. It’s a sales-free safe space. Sessions are built on industry expertise, not product plugs. Our mantra —speak simply, be real, and challenge the audience — is infused throughout our program of hyper-workshops, panel discussions, keynote addresses, and breakout sessions. Past sessions topics have included how to:

  • Align your organization around NRR with variable compensation strategy.
  • Boost team productivity by determining who owns what in the customer lifecycle.
  • Build and scale a Customer Success function from series A to C+.
  • Drive stellar product adoption by partnering with product.
  • And so much more.

3. It opens your mind to new possibilities. Customer Success is a growing SaaS community. Its leaders’ backgrounds are fantastically diverse. Spend two days thinking outside the four walls of your organization and tap into the unique perspectives of your fellow peers. You don’t often get the opportunity to be in the same room (located atop the D.C. metro’s tallest building) with other Customer Success leaders who are all there to better themselves and have a good time along the way.

4. Its speakers are the real deal. We love a celebrity keynote as much as the next person. But we think the true value lies in learning from real people who’ve “been there, done that,” and have put in the work to know what it takes to be a leader in SaaS and Customer Success. (But, Jennifer Garner, just in case you’re reading this, you’ve got a standing invitation to join us at BIG RYG any time.) Simply put, we like good people who do good work. Here’s a peek at our past all-star lineup of speakers: the founders and co-founders of SaaStr, Skilljar, and Pendo, as well as top executives from ESG, ZoomInfo, GrubHub, iContact, Mailchimp, TrustRadius, 6sense, and more. Our speakers inspire us because they know how to take charge and get. things. done. while keeping the customer at the center of it all.

5. It’s in our nation’s capital. Monuments. Memorials. The Smithsonian. Disorienting roundabouts (thanks Mr. L’Enfant). D.C. has it all. But truly, our spring’s cherry blossoms have nothing on the city’s peak foliage in the fall. And this year’s conference will be held at an incredible space which overlooks the entire city.

Don’t wait. Lock in your seat while the prices are low. Early bird registration is available through August 1, 2022. A full agenda will be unveiled early this summer.

Here are the details:

  • BIG RYG 2022 | October 12 – 13, 2022 | Washington, D.C. | Convene at 1201 Wilson Boulevard.
  • 300+ in-person attendees including you and other Customer Success leaders (directors and above).
  • Share your knowledge and shape the future of Customer Success by applying to be a speaker before May 2, 2022. Sessions should address real challenges that Customer Success teams face, or wins that will inspire Customer Success teams, and should include strategies and tactics that attendees can implement immediately.
  • Sponsorship opportunities are available now.

And with that, we can’t wait to see you there!

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