May 10, 2019

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Top 10 Customer Success Takeaways from Technology & Services World 2019


Technology & Services World - Customer Success Recap

Earlier this week we had the opportunity to attend and sponsor the TSIA Technology & Services World (TSW) conference in sunny San Diego. This event brought together thousands of technology leaders from Customer Success, Services, Sales, Product and Marketing. Attendees got the chance to gather for three days to learn the latest industry trends and discover new products and services that can help them streamline their operations. 

What was particularly great to see was the amount of Customer Success content that was structured into the programming. There were multiple sessions a day that were dedicated to the topic. Even more so, according to TSIA, a few of their CS breakouts were among their highest attended sessions, which is a great indicator that Customer Success business challenges are top of mind in the industry.

For those who didn’t get to attend, or for those that attended and want a recap, we compiled a list of our top ten Customer Success takeaways from TSW 2019. 


1.) It’s Time to Rethink Your Customer Success Strategy

Rethinking Customer Success with @philnanus #tsia @ #TSW19 #CiscoCX pic.twitter.com/dISNtTqhsG

— Karen (@PVSKC) May 7, 2019


2.) Customer Success Should Own Renewals and Upsells 

Companies that give Customer Success revenue responsibilities have an average NPS score that is 27 points higher than those who do not. #TSW19 pic.twitter.com/8Rs7B2C7cj

— ChurnZero (@churnzero) May 7, 2019


3.) Top 10 Business Challenges Affecting Customer Success

Excited for Day 2 of @TSIACommunity #TSW19 to share ideas and learn more about how to overcome these top 10 business challenges in #CustomerSuccess! 💡💪🧠 pic.twitter.com/894b5vAQSJ

— ChurnZero (@churnzero) May 7, 2019


4.) Customers Want Companies to Know the Value They are Expecting to Drive and Track that Value with Measurable Outcomes

Fantastic insights on “Customer Success to Value Realization” from the @Adobe team #TSWSD19 pic.twitter.com/ZSaFmkqEn9

— ChurnZero (@churnzero) May 7, 2019


5.) The Company Needs to Align Around the Customer

“Everyone in your company is passionate in helping your customers needs, the problem is we need to make sure we are all moving in the same direction.” @adobe Max Long #TSIA #TSW19

— TSIA (@TSIACommunity) May 7, 2019


6.) You Should Aim to Deliver Personalized Outcome-Based Customer Journeys

From challenge to analysis to solution, great to hear about Autodesk’s customer success journey and methodology #TSIA #TSW19 #CustomerSuccess pic.twitter.com/wZ0CP8F6Fi

— andreearoxana.obreja (@AndreeaR_Obreja) May 7, 2019


7.) Your Customer Experience Should be a Mix of Both Human and Tech Touches

“The mix of technology and human interaction is what’s going to drive the customer experience further.” – @philnanus #TSIA #TSW19

— TSIA (@TSIACommunity) May 8, 2019


8.) Enterprise Companies Are Bought in on Customer Success

@TSIACommunity “The goal is to extend the conversation from beyond today. We are fully bought in on the concept of customer success.” Troy Zaboukos from @Microsoft. #TSW19 pic.twitter.com/Vko3ZcYB0S

— Channel Impact (@Channel_Impact) May 8, 2019


9.) Effective Product Offer Design is Becoming a Competitive Advantage for Technology Providers

“Understanding what the customer really needs is what’s going to pull the XaaS offer train.” – @thomaslah_tsia #TSW19

— TSIA (@TSIACommunity) May 6, 2019


10.) It Pays to Stop By the ChurnZero Booth!

That’s a wrap! Thanks to everyone who stopped by the ChurnZero booth at #TSW19. Special congrats to our raffle winner from @SYSTRAN. See you in Vegas this October! pic.twitter.com/CXoewWBpp7

— ChurnZero (@churnzero) May 8, 2019



To learn more, pop over to the TSW San Diego 2019 website to relive your favorite conference moments by downloading session presentations and browsing their photo gallery. 

Hope to see you all at the TSW Las Vegas conference in the Fall!


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