Aug 30, 2019

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Top 10 Customer Success Takeaways from SaaStr Scale


SaaStr Scale

Yesterday, ChurnZero had the opportunity to attend and sponsor a brand new SaaStr event called – SaaStr Scale. It was a 1-day turbo-charged event in San Francisco with the best-of-the-best in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success. The programing was packed with 15+ hands-on “The Playbook To” session from top CROs, CMOs, and CCOs, all with the focus of helping you to scale faster.

Our very own CEO, You Mon Tsang, had a part of the action and was one of the conference mentors and organized a Super Braindate on – Customer Success for the C-Suite: Why Churn Matters. In this session, You Mon led the discussion around why churn is the number one enemy against scaling your SaaS business (other than your culture and leadership).

We believe that now more than ever it’s imperative that corporate leaders set a high standard in their commitment to Customer Success, and this one metric (churn) is essential to any growing SaaS organization.

We are happy to say it was a great event all around. No worries if you weren’t able to attend  (or even if you did and are looking for a recap), we have pulled together our top takeaways from SaaStr Scale that we wanted to share with you here.

1.) [Video] All of Your SaaS Questions Answered

Q&A happening now! Ask us anything! #SaaStrScale

— SaaStr (@saastr) August 29, 2019

2.) No Surprises!

Best way to improve culture? @motoceo says “No surprises.” No one likes surprises. #saastrscale

— Bill Cushard (@billcush) August 29, 2019

3.) Respect Your Customer

Throw away all your current playbooks.

Rules have changed in #saas

Respect your customer.

Do pilots.#saastrscale

— Marko Ruusinen (@mruusinen) August 29, 2019

4.) Focus on Retention 

Product-led strategies + distributed teams + retention-vs-newbiz = throw away old sales playbook. Totally agree. Big to do. #saas #saastrscale #scaleups

— Massimo Arrigoni (@massiarri) August 29, 2019

5.) Split out Sales and Account Management 

4/n Have someone own it

— MarketGrowth (@marketgrowth_io) August 29, 2019

6.) 73% of Consumers Rate Customer Experiences as an Important Factor in Buying Decisions 

#SaaStrScale is finally here!🕺

Did you know 73% of consumers rate experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions?@Sendosohq is here sharing how our platform makes it easier for organizations to build relationships with their prospects and customers.🤝

— Sendoso (@sendosohq) August 29, 2019

7.) Align Your Work to Company Goals

“Yeah I can do my job and yeah I can do it well but why am I doing it? How does my role contribute the company’s overall KPIs? ” @JustinSaaS #SaaStrScale

— SaaStr (@saastr) August 29, 2019

8.) Incentivize Longer Term Contracts

“Get a customer on a monthly deal? Incremental comps each month. Get a quartly deal? Four times a year. Get an annual customer and get the comp up front.” @JustinSaaS #SaaStrScale

— SaaStr (@saastr) August 29, 2019

9.) Invest in Your Customer Reference Program 

Nice! Customer reference program increased deal sizes by 2.5X at Talkdesk. That’s a descent-sized whoop. #SaaStrScale

— Bill Cushard (@billcush) August 29, 2019

10.) Pay Attention to Net Promoter Score (NPS)

From @jasonlk‘s playbook for going from $1m to $10M, make NPS a top 3 goal. #SaaStrScale

— Aparna Vemuri (@tweeteshwari) August 29, 2019

We hope you found that to be a valuable recap of our favorite takeaways from SaaStr Scale, and we cannot wait to see you all at SaaStr Annual 2020!

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