May 11, 2021

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Top 5 Customer Success Takeaways from TSIA Interact 2021


TSIA Interact 2021

Last week Technology & Services Industry Association (TSIA) hosted their Spring virtual event called – TSIA Interact 2021. The event offered an opportunity for thousands of attendees to collaborate with one another and with TSIA member companies like DocuSign, RingCentral and ServiceNow. The theme for the online conference was “The Haves and the Have Nots”, which focused on the critical business capabilities you need for success in XaaS. 

If you are wondering what XaaS stands for, it means anything/everything as a service. As opposed to the SaaS, which stands for software as a service. 

The event was full of content including- interactive breakouts, business challenge accelerator sessions, technology solution sessions, networking coffee brainstorm sessions, explainer sessions and how to sessions. 

If you weren’t one of the lucky ones to get to register for and attend this event, no worries. Here’s a roundup of our top five takeaways for Customer Success professionals from TSIA Interact 2021. 


1.) Companies who monetize Customer Success, see higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS)

TSIA’s Customer Success benchmark data shows that 49% of companies monetize customer success, and when a company monetizes customer success, their Net Promoter Score is higher. – Stephen Fulkerson #customersuccess #tsia #tsiainteract #NPS

— TSIA (@TSIACommunity) May 4, 2021


2.) Automating customer onboarding results in higher annual recurring revenue (ARR)

The 2020 TSIA #XaaS Product and Analytics Survey shows, companies that had fully or semi-automated onboarding realized a 19.4 percentage point higher rate of annual recurring revenue growth rate than those companies with no automated onboarding. @ChapmaMaria #tsiainteract

— TSIA (@TSIACommunity) May 4, 2021


3.) Make sure your value proposition isn’t just hype but you can also deliver on those customer outcomes 

What are the business outcomes the customer is trying to achieve and how do you plug in to that? @thomaslah #tsiainteract #tsiakeynote

— TSIA (@TSIACommunity) May 6, 2021

4.) You should align your organizational structure to your customer journey 

We continue to see this wall between offers and services, but the world continues to change. @thomaslah_tsia @anandeswaran @RingCentral #tsiainteract

— TSIA (@TSIACommunity) May 4, 2021


5.) There’s room for improvement in the industry with measuring and presenting ROI to your customers 

Only 27.2% of companies measure the business outcomes and financial value they deliver. @martincdove #subscriptionsales #tsiainteract

— TSIA (@TSIACommunity) May 4, 2021

For more information on upcoming TSIA conferences visit their site here


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