Feb 17, 2021

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Top 20 Business Challenges for Customer Success and Resources to Help


Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) has a library of 751 business challenges, which represent specific issues about which members go to seek assistance, guidance, or direction on. Last year TSIA responded to over 3,000 inquiries from members. Each inquiry, advisory engagement, and workshop that they conducted, was tagged to a corresponding business challenge.

Wondering what is top of mind for companies when it comes to Customer Success? Think other organizations are struggling with the same things you are? Chances are, yes.

Here are the top business challenges in descending order for Customer Success professionals according to TSIA, along with some recommend resources to help in each of those areas.

Top 20 Business Challenges for Customer Success According to TSIA



  1. Best Practices for Creating Customer Success Capabilities and Organizations
  1. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Customer Success
  1. Improve Customer Experience
  1. Adoption Monitoring & Health Score
  1. Charters of Customer Success
  1. Funding a Customer Success Organization
  1. Monetizing Customer Success Offerings
  1. Staffing a Customer Success Organization
  1. Customer Success for Partners
  1. Account Segmentation
  1. Customer Success Compensation Strategies
  1. Efficient Sales Models
  1. Customer Success Technology
  1. Low Touch Customer Success
  1. Crisis Management During a Global Pandemic
  1. Digital Touch Customer Success
  1. Effective Training for Customer Success Teams
  1. Reduce Churn
  1. Customer Success Onboarding
  1. Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

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