Nov 3, 2020

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The Results Are In: BIG RYG 2020 Polls


In honor of Election Day, we decided to share some poll results of our own. Just last month we hosted our first ever virtual conference – BIG RYG 2020. Throughout the conference we conducted a series of audience poll questions, that related to the session topics.

We received poll responses from over 800 Customer Success professionals who also attended the conference.   

Before we dive into the poll results here is a breakdown of the demographics by role:

BIG RYG attendee demographics


Now let’s take a look to see what we learned from the polls and also see where you stack up against audience. We will also share access to the corresponding BIG RYG session that you can view for free on-demand to learn more on the topic. 


1.) If you are experiencing growing pains within your Customer Success team, you are not alone. 


Must Watch BIG RYG Session: Secrets to Scaling Your Customer Success Function 



2.) The majority feels like their Customer Success team receives some organizational support but there is a lot of room for improvement. 

BIG RYG poll

Must Watch BIG RYG Session: When Customer Success is a Second-Class Citizen


3.) Most of us have a foundation for alignment between the Customer Success and Product teams, but collaboration could be improved. 

big ryg poll

Must Watch BIG RYG Session: Bridging the Gap Between Customer Success and Product


4.) Most Customer Success teams were ahead of the curve with allowing work from home flexibility. 

big ryg poll

Must Watch BIG RYG Session: Managing and Running a Customer Success Team in the Age of Remote Work


5.) Customer Success Operations Manager is still an emerging role.

big ryg poll

Must Watch BIG RYG Session: When 1+1=3: Why Customer Success Operations Is Your Next Best Hire


6.) Most feel like there is a disconnect between what is best for their customer and the decisions they make. 

big ryg poll

Must Watch BIG RYG Session: Why Humans Are Irrational: Applying Behavioral Economics to Customer Success 


7.) Processes need to be put in place to minimize the churn risks that occur when a Champion leaves an organization. 

big ryg poll

Must Watch BIG RYG Session: Be the Sherlock Holmes of Customer Success: Uncovering Hidden Points of Contact

As 2020 has shown us, we can’t predict everything that will change in the coming years, but we can take a look at what’s happening today and use it to better understand the change that is ahead of us. 

As you are planning for the future be sure to seek out advice and lessons learned from others in the industry, and we think the thought leadership sessions from BIG RYG are a great place to start. 

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