Jun 2, 2020

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Meet Bri, Customer Success Team Lead at ChurnZero


ChurnZero, Customer Success ManagerChurnZero’s employee spotlight series highlights the person behind the professional, digging deep and discovering what drives our team members. This spotlight features Bri Adams, Customer Success Team Lead at ChurnZero. 

As Customer Success Team Lead, Bri manages the Key Accounts team, where she helps to support and build processes around this strategic set of customers. 

Let’s take a look at what Bri had to share. 

Q: What are you famous for at ChurnZero?

A: Personally, I’m famous for my red glasses (and I’d like to think my wit), but professionally, I think I’m known for my knack for de-escalation and my ability to come up with creative solutions for complex workflows using ChurnZero Plays. 

Q: Why did you join ChurnZero?

A: This is a bit silly, but I wanted to work at ChurnZero because when I met the CS team during my interview, I got the feeling that each person really lived and breathed a customer-first approach to Customer Success, and I sincerely believed I was the least experienced and least talented person in the room – not in a self-deprecating way, but in the sense that I know I would be incredibly lucky to work with such amazing, kind, and brilliant people. In large part, I’ve been correct since day one; I have learned something from every single person at this company, and I feel very fortunate to call these people my co-workers. 

Q: What’s your favorite feature in ChurnZero and why?

A: In general, my favorite aspect of ChurnZero is the visibility it gives me into data from pieces like Sales, Finance, Support, product usage, webinars and more. On a daily basis as a CSM, I derive the most value from automation through Plays, like emails that I am prompted to send when my customers is at a certain point in their lifecycle (renewal, for example) or if there is something I need to be concerned about (no logins in 5 days, or my main POC’s user has been deactivated, for example). 

Q: What energizes you about your work?

A: Every day is different, and every day I learn something new, very often from my amazing customers. We’re in a super unique position here where we are CSMs for other CSMs and CS professionals, and that puts us in an incredible position to be able to talk about Customer Success best practices every day, in addition to talking about the ChurnZero product every day. CS is such a collaborative industry and I am constantly energized by my customers wanting to share learnings with me from their own experience working in CS. 

Q: As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A: As a little kid, I wanted to be a veterinarian, as a bigger kid, I wanted to fly cargo planes for the Red Cross, and as a pre-adult, I wanted to be a social worker in a hospital. 

Q: What was your first job?

A: In college, I worked as a bartender nights and weekends, a supervisor at a domestic violence shelter from midnight to noon on Sundays, and Monday through Wednesday, I worked for the Provost IT Office as an IT Support worker. 

Q: What led you to this career? 

A: When I was deciding before graduation whether to continue academia to get my MSW or master’s degree, or to accept a full time job at a software company instead, I remembered one thing my boss at the Provost IT Office told me during my interview with him: “I can teach you technology, but social skills are harder – if you have that down, you’ll excel in IT or technology.” I took that to heart and leapt head first into technology because I had so much enjoyed my intro to tech working in IT. 

Q: What books/podcasts/shows are you currently binging?

A: I am trying to learn more about the economy and world news, so I have been listening to NPR’s Up First, Planet Money, and Freakonomics Radio. My true love is the Office Ladies podcast. I read 55 books in 2019 of all different genres and I’m hoping to read at least 60 in 2020. I’m always taking recommendations – so let me know what you’re reading! 

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