Jul 30, 2021

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How to use ChurnZero to share customer success data across your organization


It’s no secret that Customer Success teams can occasionally get overlooked, or that organizations struggle with consistent cross-team collaboration. I know this firsthand, because as a Customer Success Manager at ChurnZero, I see it happen all the time with customers. While Customer Success teams sit on a trove of customer data, they often struggle with turning that data into insights for the organization. And, what good is data if you can’t distill it down, share it out, and act on it?

At ChurnZero, we believe in a “Customer Success everywhere” philosophy, which sounds like what it means – the belief that Customer Success should be embedded everywhere within an organization. All departments play a role in the customer experience, and therefore, have room to better understand the customer, especially those that don’t regularly interact with them.

But to get your organization invested in the customer experience, you have to make it matter to them. You can do this by democratizing your customer data and sharing real customer stories at every level in the organization. That’s why ChurnZero was created to not only help Customer Success teams fight churn by acting more predictively, proactively, and prescriptively but also more collaboratively.

Now, I know that not everyone can or will spend their day within ChurnZero, which is why we’ve developed functionality to build tighter collaboration among departments and leadership without the need to increase your license count. In this article, I outline our data-sharing functionality that’s designed to elevate customer insights across the organization – allowing Customer Success to become a shared practice and mindset.

Sync data in your Customer Success platform and CRM

ChurnZero has bidirectional integrations with a number of different CRMs; Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and NetSuite are a few that come to mind. With these integrations, ChurnZero not only pulls data from these CRMs into our application, allowing you to access important notes and information about your customers, but also allows you to make updates to the data in ChurnZero and push it directly back to your CRM.

Whether it’s logging an activity based on a recent customer call or updating a contact’s role, Customer Success Managers can make key customer updates directly in ChurnZero and have them sync back to your CRM in a matter of minutes. Rather than a salesperson having to hunt down the last time a customer was contacted, they can view this data directly in their CRM.

Enhance your support team’s ticket data and context

To give your support team the context needed to prioritize and resolve tickets, they must have access to Customer Success data, such as a customer’s health (is there a high or low risk of churn?) and renewal date (does their contract expire next week or next year?).

ChurnZero’s Zendesk Connector App lives directly in Zendesk, which is where busy support teams who use this system likely spend the bulk of their time. The app gives your support team all the customer information they need directly in Zendesk. For example, when managing tickets, your support team has instant insight into whether a customer is satisfied or at risk and whether the ticket submitter is an end user or executive sponsor, so they can tailor their response approach accordingly. No longer does your support team need to log into different tools or search through accounts; all information can be found in one place.

Put Customer Success data at your organization’s fingertips

With Slack and Microsoft Teams chatbots, both ChurnZero and non-ChurnZero users can message a chatbot questions on accounts, contacts, and segments that live within ChurnZero and get real-time information. For example, do you need to know the owner of an account in ChurnZero but you’re not by your computer? Slack the chatbot “Account [Name]” and you’ll get information not only on the account owner, but also on the account status, total contract amount, and much more. Not sure how many accounts live in your “Enterprise Account” segment? Send a message to the chatbot with “Tell me about segment ‘Enterprise Accounts’” and you’ll be rocking and rolling. The chatbot is fantastic for finding information fast and can be used by your entire company. Let’s face it, if you already live in Slack, you might as well have access to the latest and greatest Customer Success information.

*Slack and Teams Chatbots are an add-on feature in ChurnZero.

Compile and share Customer Success reports without lifting a finger

If you have executives or leadership who bug you for Customer Success data on a weekly, or even daily, basis, then Live Exports are about to become your new best friend. With Live Exports, you can select as many segments as you’d like – whether it be an account, a contact, task/activity segments, or a mix – and pull them into a single report. This report can take the format of an Excel file, a Google Sheet, or an Excel 365 sheet, and you can include both internal colleagues and/or customers on its distribution. You can schedule this report to be sent out as often as you want (even hourly!). Automating this process saves you from both manually compiling the report and responding to last-minute, drop-everything requests for the latest numbers. 

Reporting Analytics Dashboard

Design shareable dashboards that make both you and your data look good

ChurnZero’s custom dashboards are beautiful and, well, custom. You can create virtually any dashboard you need based on your data in ChurnZero. Now, if that grabs your attention, just you wait. Not only can you easily stylize these dashboards with drag-and-drop widgets, but you can also share them via email within your organization. Because the data used in these dashboards is sourced from ChurnZero, the dashboards you share will be read-only, meaning that no one can change or edit the information; you maintain full control over your data and design. These dashboards are perfect for board slides or for understanding usage trends. Like Live Exports, you can set a recurrence as to how often you’d like these dashboards to be sent.

ChurnZero Custom Dashboards Screenshot

Involve your customers in their own success

No matter how in sync and aligned your internal teams are, for your customers to achieve their goals, they themselves need to take ownership of their product journey. But building accountability and collaboration among customers is hard. Getting your customers to put forth the energy and focus necessary to realize success requires full transparency and a guiding hand. That’s what our latest feature, Account Insights, provides by allowing customers access to real-time data so they can easily see their own usage and adoption of your product. No more heavy lifting preparing for customer meetings or executive business reviews. Account Reports keep you and your customer on the same page, allowing you to have the honest and constructive conversations that move your partnership forward.

ChurnZero Account Insights screenshot

Customer Success is everyone’s business

If you already use ChurnZero, I hope this article sparked a few ideas as to how you can share all the amazing data you already have in our application. And if you’re not a customer, hopefully it served as inspiration for how you can use automation and technology to immerse your organization in the work of Customer Success. Our goal is to save you time, make your life easier, and ensure that everyone in your organization is thinking about Customer Success – regardless of if they’re on your Customer Success team – because the success of your customers is everyone’s business.

Learn more about how to build a unified view of your customer in our product webinar, “Creating a single source of truth for Customer Success data.”

Author: Rachel Gurman, Customer Success Manager, ChurnZero


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