Nov 16, 2018

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Top Customer Success Takeaways from Pulse Europe 2018


Last week we had the opportunity to travel to London to sponsor and exhibit at the Pulse Europe 2018 Conference as a Silver sponsor. For those of you that might not know – this is the premier Customer Success conference in Europe. Customer Success is one of the fastest growing professions in the modern economy. And for that reason, if you’re in a customer-facing role and are in Europe, we recommend making plans to attend this conference next year.

Whether you were able to attend this year or not, no worries. We’ve complied our top fifteen Customer Success takeaways from the conference to share with you.

1.) Customer Success is a Top-Down, Company Wide Commitment

#CustomerSuccess #PulseEurope2018

Who knew?! https://t.co/kUb8GmDL7p

— CustomerSuccessMatt (@MattMyszkowski) November 8, 2018

2.) If Customer Success Remains Just a Department, You Will Fail

Customer Success must be embedded in every function of your company. #PulseEurope2018 pic.twitter.com/OsCquVFvBp

— Chris Weddick (@chrisweddick) November 8, 2018

3.) Europe is Catching Up in CS

Is #Europe behind in #CustomerSuccess? #pulseeurope2018 pic.twitter.com/4waFihtyYE

— Gainsight (@GainsightHQ) November 8, 2018

4.) The Subscription Model Gives Power to the Customer = Power to Customer Success

It’s time to change our thinking to growing customer lifetime value #PulseEurope2018 #customersuccess pic.twitter.com/yEosP7fhkj

— Jason Noble (@jnoble100) November 8, 2018

5.) Product and Customer Success are Your Secret Weapons

“Product and Customer Success are the new Sales and Marketing” – couldn’t agree more, the initial sale is only one milestone, it’s your product and value expansion that keeps customers renewing #PulseEurope2018

— Emma Lamps (@LampsatLocalz) November 8, 2018

6.) Customer Success and Product Need to Partner Together

The age of the customer is yours for the taking. It’s time for #CustomerSuccess to partner with the product team to ensure growth and scale of your company. #Pulseeurope2018 pic.twitter.com/a1bucFCeGx

— Anika Zubair (@anikazubair_) November 8, 2018

7.) CSM = Domain Expertise + Product Knowledge + Commercial Skills

The importance of hiring for customer success#pulseeurope2018 pic.twitter.com/04SmUWwnFv

— Mo Kanjilal Williams (@Mo_Kanjilal) November 8, 2018

8.) Follow the Customer Code

10 tenets of customer success courtesy of @HubSpot #Pulseeurope2018 pic.twitter.com/efHRV1mt5I

— Eleanor O’Neill (@lnroneill) November 8, 2018

9.) Customer Retention is Your Lifeblood

#PulseEurope2018 session about renewals @GainsightHQ @Gartner_inc @_infinity_co pic.twitter.com/MCTMcEEi9W

— Marta (@marta_lenk) November 8, 2018

10.) Segmentation – Don’t Just Set it and Forget It

Always revisit your customer segmentation. #pulseEurope2018

— Webinerd (@XPTR) November 8, 2018

11.) How to Scale without Scaling Headcount

To ensure you success function scales without scaling your headcount, make sure everyone in the company is bought into the success mindset. Customers are you best asset to scale growth, make sure everyone in your team knows that & ensure your customers feel it ❤️ #PulseEurope2018

— Emma Lamps (@LampsatLocalz) November 8, 2018

12.) The Future CSM is a Growth Conductor 

The future CSM is a growth conductor – change the philosophy of what they do! Great way to kick off day 2 of #PulseEurope2018 #CustomerSuccess

— Jason Noble (@jnoble100) November 9, 2018

13.) Advocates Accelerate the Customer Journey

#pulseeurope2018@influitive⁩ ⁦@markorgan⁩ Excellent presentation on the customer-powered enterprise. Packed room! pic.twitter.com/l55L6vzI9K

— Chris Adlard (@chrisadlard) November 9, 2018

14.) Account Expansion is a Logical Fit for CS

Expansion being in Success is just logical. We’re thought leaders at @localz, I can’t talk to my customers about our leading thoughts if I’m going to stop at the “how we can help” point #PulseEurope2018

— Emma Lamps (@LampsatLocalz) November 9, 2018

15.) Customer Experience = Brand Experience 

#PulseEurope2018 today customer experience is brand experience. Couldn’t agree more! pic.twitter.com/ibBKKjIse4

— Chris Adlard (@chrisadlard) November 9, 2018

We hope to see you next year at Pulse Europe 2019!


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