Jan 26, 2018

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Customer Success Themed Grammy Playlist


In honor of the 60th Annual Grammy Awards that are airing this Sunday, we decided to pick some of the songs from the nominations and create a Customer Success playlist to power you through your day.


Julia Michaels – Issues (nominated for song of the year)

Let’s face it- your customers are bound to encounter issues, which means as a Customer Success Manager you then have issues that require attention. And the truth of the matter is, you both need each other to work towards a resolution. So as the song suggests, take in the problems and put all you got into solving ‘em.

Lady Gaga – Million Reasons (nominated for best pop solo performance)

Although this is one captivating song as the Grammy nomination shows- the last thing you want is this to be your customers’ ballad to represent their feelings towards your company. Your customers have done the work of putting together the business case for needing to purchase your solution and secured the budget. Past that, they also invested the time in coming on-board. So, as you can imagine, it’s a rare circumstance that they will be looking for reasons to leave. Give them a million reasons to stay!

Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee Featuring Justin Bieber – Despacito (nominated for record of the year)

As you might remember this was the song that was hard to escape over the summer, and if you were like most of us, unfortunately you didn’t know any of the lyrics, except for the title lyric. How does this relate to Customer Success? Well, sometimes as a CSM it might seem like you and your customers are speaking different languages (i.e. not on the same page), but instead of just tuning out and going through the motions, pause and really listen to what they are trying to tell you – you might uncover/learn something.

Odesza – Line of Sight (nominated for best dance recording)

This song and video are all about sticking together through hard times. Whether the hard time is an upset client, a critical product bug, or an at-risk account, it might make you feel out of control. But, by banding together (with the customer and with internal teams) you can make sure you are all working towards the same target with success in the sightline.

Bonus Tracks…

Although these next songs didn’t make the Grammy nominations list, they are tracks from 2017 that we’d like to give some props to and feature in our Customer Success Playlist.

Rag’n’Bone Man – Human

This song is a reminder (maybe even a plea) to consider other people’s troubles. One of the key characteristics of a good CSM is empathy. It’s important for us to understand what our customers are experiencing to be able to relate and communicate with them better. We are all human after all.

Moon Taxi – Two High

Let’s close out the playlist with an upbeat song about hope – hope for understanding, hope for acceptance and hope for future success. As the song repeats – “we can come together, we won’t give up on the fight.” Here’s to fighting churn together!

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