Mar 8, 2017

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ChurnZero Release Notes – March 2017


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Hey, you guys – get ready feel some serious love, followed by some serious excitement.

The ChurnZero Team has spent the first two months of this year focusing on your requests and putting together awesome new features to help you fight churn like a beast in 2017. From a bunch of little things that were annoying you (and us, too) to a collection of bigger features you’ve been crossing your fingers we’d do, a lot has been going on. And you could say we’re pretty pumped about it.

Reenactment of a recent CZ all-hands meeting

This post is long – like get-your-coffee-before-you-start-reading kind of long – but we wanted to put everything we’ve introduced to ChurnZero in the past two months in one place for your education and inspiration. If you have thoughts, questions, comments, feelings or virtual hugs to share after checking everything out, we’d love to hear from you at

2017, consider yourself on alert. We’re just getting started.

The Big, Cool Stuff

Ok, we think it’s all cool – but we’ll start with the largest features first. Here is the full list and if something strikes your fancy, read on for details on each feature.

  • Receive Alerts when not logged into ChurnZero
  • Receive Alerts via Slack
  • Turn on Global Alerts for your team
  • File attachments
  • Account-level tasks in Plays
  • Specify the Account Role in your Success Panels
  • Link to CZ Account and Contact Profiles within Salesforce
  • New CRM integrations: HubSpot CRM and NetSuite

Receive Alerts When Not Logged into ChurnZero

Not logged into ChurnZero but still want to receive notifications when new alerts come in? No problem! Alerts can now ping you via a browser notification even when you are not currently logged into ChurnZero. No more worrying about missing important alerts when you accidentally close your ChurnZero tab – whew!

To set up this new notification channel, follow these steps:

  • Go to My Account in the upper right:

  • Switch the “Notifications When Logged Out” setting to YES:

  • Important! You must log out and then back into ChurnZero for this setting to take effect.
    • Troubleshooting: If you’ve changed your setting, logged out and back in again and the setting is still not taking effect, this is an indication that your browser is set to block notifications from Go to Notification Settings in your browser’s settings and update your exceptions, allowing notifications from 
  • Go to Alerts on your navigation bar and edit an alert you want to receive notifications for, even when you are not logged into ChurnZero. Check off the “Logged out of ChurnZero” option:

  • Next time the alert is triggered while you are not logged into ChurnZero, you will receive a browser notification, just like you would if you were logged in!

Receive Alerts Via Slack

Slack helps teams to work collaboratively and communicate consistently…in about a million different ways. If your team uses Slack, now you can make Slack even better by inviting ChurnZero to the party! This new integration allows you receive alert notifications right within Slack. Never miss another important alert because you were in a meme-off with Janice.

To set up this new notification channel, follow these steps:

  • First, your Slack Admin must create the ChurnZero Bot in Slack and add the resulting API Token to Admin > General in ChurnZero. Slack Admins, here are the instructions for setting up your CZ Bot and updating your API Token. 
  • Once this configuration is in place, go to My Account in the upper right:

  • Update the field called “Slack User Name” with your user name, which should look something like @slackname.
    • If you do not see this field under My Account, this means that your Slack Admin has not completed the configuration from the first step. We suggest sending them the link above and promising a coffee if they set it up 🙂

  • Important! You must log out and then back into ChurnZero for this setting to take effect.
  • Go to Alerts on your navigation bar and edit an alert for which you want to receive notifications via Slack. Check off the “Slack (@slackname)” option:

  • Next time the alert is triggered, the ChurnZero Bot will automatically show up in your list of Direct Messages in Slack and you will start receiving alert notifications.

 Turn on Global Alerts for Your Team

Managers, raise your hands if this has happened to you: You create an awesome new ChurnZero alert for your team to use, you tell everyone to go turn it on, everyone swears they did – aaaand then you find out they really didn’t. CSMs, raise your hand if you are at least partially responsible for your manager’s stress eating by ignoring instructions to turn on an alert. Thought so. But we’re super proud of everyone for being honest.

Well managers, put down those Funyuns, the solution has arrived! You can now see which of your team members are currently receiving an alert AND you can turn on an alert for team members who aren’t getting it yet. #QualityControl

To see which of your team members are receiving notifications for a certain alert:

  • Go to Alerts on your navigation bar and edit the alert you are interested in. At the bottom of the dialogue you will see a new section called “Alert My Domain.” The users listed here are the individuals that report to you, with a indication if they are currently receiving notifications for this alert and how they are receiving those notifications:

  • If you’d like to turn on (or off) the alert for one or more of your team members, simply flip the “Alert” toggle and select the channel(s) through which the user should receive their notifications. As soon as you save your changes, the user will start receiving alerts.
  • Important Details:
    • You can only turn on Global Alerts for your team members. If an alert is Private, that can only ever be on for you and you alone.
    • If one of your team members wants to update their personal alert settings, they will still be able to do so, even if you turned on this alert for them (i.e. you can’t force/require them to have on an alert). But you can always come back to this page to check who is actively receiving the alert.
    • If you’re not seeing some of your team members in this list, look into how your reports are defined in your CRM. For Salesforce users, this means looking into your Role Hierarchies. For HubSpot CRM and NetSuite users, this means looking into your manager settings.

File Attachments

As CS pros we deal with a lot of customer info. Contracts, documents, worksheets, logos, random screenshots – it’s Fun with Files all the time. And while it may not be the slickest thing ever, it would be pretty darn helpful to be able to store your customers’ files in ChurnZero, right alongside everything else you know about them. So that’s what we did; you can now easily attach files to Accounts, Contacts, Tasks and Activities!

To attach files to an Account or Contact:

  • Go the Account or Contact Profile and click on the “Attachments” tab. Click the “Add Attachment” button and select the file you want:

  • The selected file will appear in the grid:
    • Click the column headers (File Name, Uploaded Date, etc.) to sort the attached files.
    • To view the attachment, click the File Name. You will be prompted to save a version of the file in order to make edits.
    • To delete the attachment, click the red trash can.

To attach files to a Task or Activity:

  • Add a new Task/Activity or edit an existing record; you’ll see a space to upload attachments at the bottom of the dialogue:

  • Add as many attachments as you would like and then click “Save.”

  • On the Tasks tab of the Account and Contact Profiles, any record that includes one or more attachments will show a paper clip next to the subject:

  • You can also filter the Tasks and Activities sections to only include records with (or without) an attachment:

Account-Level Tasks in Plays

You said it and we heard you: it would be extremely amazing if Plays triggered by Account Segments could create ONE task at the account level instead of creating a unique task for each contact in the account. While every contact processing through a Play works really great for emails and in-app announcements (content for everyone, yay!), tasks sometimes require a different approach to keep the CSMs to-dos clean.

Well, your wish is our command!

  • When you add a Task step to a Play (or edit an existing Play), you’ll see a new setting called “For,” with options for Account and Contact:
    •  If you select “Account”: This means that ONE task will be created for the account, without a contact specified.
    • If you select “Contact”: This means that unique tasks will be created for each contact in the account.

  • If your play is set to “Allow Re-Entry” (under Step 1: Configure Settings), the amount of time before re-entry is allowed will also be used to determine if a new task should be created or if another task already created is sufficient.

Bonus! While introducing this feature we also updated the order of the steps for creating a Play so they more logically flow into each other. No other changes have been made to the process of creating a Play (beyond this new setting for tasks); this is just an visual change to help you think through the construction and configuration of your Plays.

 Specify the Account Role to Show in Success Panel

As your customers mature, their BFF at your company often shifts. For new customers, their go-to person is their Onboarding Specialist. Once they make it through onboarding, their CSM takes over as their new bestie. And once they’ve been a customer for a long time, a dedicated rep from Support might become their first line of defense.

As these shifts happen, you want to be sure your customers’ Success Panel inside your app shows them the best contact information. So we introduced the ability to specify the Account Role that shows up in each of your Success Panels.

For example, when a customer is still onboarding, you can show them their assigned Onboarding Specialist:

Then once they are fully onboarded, their CSM’s information can become be front and center:

A simple setting in Success Panels will allow you to specify which Account Role’s details should show for each Success Panel. Just set the “Show Account Role” setting to YES, select the Account Role that should be shown and you’re good to go!

 Link to ChurnZero Account and Contact Profiles within Salesforce

We all love a good shortcut, both in software and in routes to the airport.

As (hopefully) all of you know, at the top of your ChurnZero Account and Contact Profiles we give you a shortcut to see that account or contact in your CRM. It’s a simple little button – with your CRM’s logo – that can save you bundles of time when navigating between CZ and your CRM. If you’ve never noticed this, surprise! And congrats getting an extra new feature!

For our customers who use Salesforce, we’ve introduced another shortcut, the reverse of this first helpful button. We can now provide a custom link on your account and contact records in Salesforce that will open the Account or Contact Profile in ChurnZero. Logging in and out and manually looking up things is sooo 2016 – welcome to 2017.

To set up this shortcut link in Salesforce:

  • Request that your Salesforce Admin creates two new custom URL fields, one on the Account, one on the Contact; these fields will house the custom links to ChurnZero.
  • Once those fields have been created, email the names of them to your ChurnZero Implementation Specialist or to
  • We will adjust your Salesforce sync so that ChurnZero passes a custom link for every account and contact into Salesforce. Then you are ready to zip between CZ and your CRM with ease!

New CRM Integrations – HubSpot and NetSuite

Ok, this one is less exciting for you all since you’ve already implemented ChurnZero (unless you’re one of our newer customers who uses one of these new CRMs – hi!). But now you can tell your HubSpot and NetSuite friends about ChurnZero! Spread the churn fighting love!

The Little, But Equally Cool, Stuff

Good things really do come in small packages, especially when that little thing makes your life 1,000 times easier. Here are the little(r) things we’ve done that we hope will have a big impact on you.

  • Copy Plays

[Insert hallelujah here]

  • Quick Search Results are grouped by type (Accounts, Contacts, Segments)
  • Easier to scan and waaay better for your OCD

  • Contacts on the Account Profile ordered by activity, then alphabetically 

Contacts currently online will be at the top! Easily view your most active users. 

  • ChurnScores show in color in Segments

So pretty. And such a helpful visual.

  • New setting for whether in-app sliders and pop-ups should also show in the Success Panel

Affectionately nicknamed “Ninja Sliders” – you see them once and then they’re gone forever.

  • URL fields from your CRM now display as links in CZ

Look at me, I’m clickable! How fabulous!

  • Custom Table data is formatted to be easy to read

Isn’t it wonderful when everything is formatted?

Future Cool Stuff

If you’ve read this far, you deserve a reward: a teaser of features you’ll be seeing pretty soon! We’ll excitedly be sharing more details on these awesome new features as we make them available to you but here’s a quick sneak-peak to get you excited:

  • NPS Surveys – Send your customers the Net Promoter Score Survey via email and/or in-app announcement. Automatically follow-up with contacts who don’t respond. Alert CSMs when one of their accounts gives a noteworthy score. Automatically engage customers who score you well to say thank you; engage customers who score you poorly to learn more. Segment your customer base by most recent scores and by historical scores. Track your company’s NPS over time and analyze your score across all your customer segments.
  • Event Reporting – Dive deep into the valuable insights within your product usage. Explore trends over time, both for your whole customer base and for specific segments. Compare healthy customers to unhealthy customers and isolate the key factors that characterize a customer who is likely to renew.
  • Zendesk Integration – Look up a customer’s Zendeks tickets without leaving ChurnZero. Alert CSMs when new tickets are created and/or when a ticket has been open for a certain amount of time. Segment your customer base on ticket details, isolating accounts that are actively and effectively using Support versus those that are not.
  • Updated Command Center for easier task management – See all your tasks – for all accounts and for all time – in one view. Quickly filter to look at only certain tasks and easily act on multiple tasks at one time.


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